NFTY Portal is a Revolutionary Platform to trade All Kinds of Crypto, Even NFTs

trade All Kinds of Crypto, Even NFTs

We have never seen a project like this before. A single platform where all kinds of blockchain assets can be swapped, stored, and exchanged, including NFTs. NFTY Portal is a holistic platform that allows all kinds of crypto activities, all under one roof.

NFTY Portal: One DEX to Rule them all

NFTY Portal is an innovative platform that has been specifically built to counter the problems faced by crypto users of today. This is done by cleverly embedding different features right into the blockchain itself. The best part is, NFTY is a DEX that allows trading of coins and tokens, and an NFT marketplace where people can exchange, mint, and sell their unique tokens. This eliminates the need to have access to different platforms as NFTY caters to all needs.

The NFTY blockchain is a custom-made network that uses several attributes to counter the speed and congestion issues. Using scalable blocks, it can expand to accommodate higher transaction periods and shrink back when the network load is low. This allows for a constantly scalable blockchain that can operate at millions of TPS, never slowing down. The use of sidechains also lowers the load and the main network can operate without hitches.

Chain agnostic, the NFTY minted assets can be wrapped and made available on a user’s preferred network, allowing them to move their favorite token or NFT. From the other side of the wall, NFTY can integrate any chain into its system, allowing people to connect with the portal and use all of its services and features.

Another nifty feature is storing mint data onchain, thereby granting artists and creators complete control of their assets, including the actual item being represented by the NFT.

Three Coins, One System

NFTY Portal introduces a three-coin setup to its ecosystem. Though this might seem a bit on the extra side, each one is designed for a specific purpose.

NFTY Space is used as a medium of transaction. The coin can be used to make payments for acquiring coins, tokens, and NFTs. At the same time, NFTY Space can also be used to pay for all transactions within the network. The coin can be used to stake directly from the NFTY wallet (both web and desktop versions) or for yield farming.

Farming will get users NFTY Time as reward coins. These are collectable items that will be high in demand, but low in supply, making these more valuable over time. Like all assets in the NFTY ecosystem, they are tradable, giving a whole new income source to Space farmers.

As a DEX, NFTY Portal is all about giving power to the people and has an in-built DAO function. To make sure that NFTY Space coins remain in circulation and not staked in DAO, a separate NFTY Motion coin is used as a governance coin. The Motion coins will be rewarded to Time holders. The longer they hold Time, the more Motion they gain. NFTY Motion grants its holders a say in the operations of the NFTY Portal, including the ability to put forth different proposals or even vote on them. NFTY Motion can also be bought and sold on the NFTY Portal.

Is NFTY Portal Worth it?

NFTY Portal is a unique project that offers a holistic experience to its users. With the portal, they do not need to go to different platforms or swap their assets for different blockchain ones’ in order to get their hands on their favorite tokens or NFTs.

Coupled with the ability to integrate different chains, NFTY Portal has the potential to become the go-to platform for all kinds of crypto users.

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