NFTs & BlockDegree – The Evolution of Future Educational Degree

With the development in technologies throughout time, it served both as a boom and as a well as a curse by many means. One such we could say forging educational documents which has become a piece of cake. When we look at the bright side, technologies such as the implementation of Blockchain has enabled us to properly store, protect, screen and transfer educational documents, degrees or certificates to the fullest.

Taking this into action and implementation, the avant-garde online education platform BlockDegree developed exclusively on XinFin (XDC) network moves forward its users to hold firm safe and sound to their certifications acquired through them.

An Overlook on BlockDegree

The BlockDegree offers various online courses on blockchain and its technologies for both beginners and experts. Upon completion of the courses, certificates will be issued which could be saved in their XinFin’s private network ledgers.They offer various courses on blockchain, basically 3 ones ranging from basic, advanced, and professional.

They also have an exclusive one on cloud computing and one on blockchain wallet, focusing on how to secure wallets and withstand threats from ethical hackers. It has so far nearly 10,000 users registered, 50 plus campus ambassadors and issued 1700 plus certificates so far. The course materials are for free and to take the exam costs roughly below $10. The certification will be done only for those who succeed in getting a percentile of above 60.

Upon BlockDegree’s Network

As said before, the BlockDegree is based on XinFin(XDC) network. Once the users get their certificates, they can store their certificates on XDC where it’s properly secured. Once stored in the XDC, the certificates which are of extectic value can also be used to produce them to any firms or institutions as a digitized copy. To store the certificates into XDC, a nominal fee has to be paid as a transaction and processing fee. This processing fee will be just 0.00042% of the transaction amount. These fees can be paid with XinFin’s XDC token through Xinpay.

BlockDegree uses a proportion of the XDC which it receives as fees, to regulate the XDC token’s price and restrict the increased surge. As a result of this, the whole XinFin network becomes more solidified. This is a win-win strategy for both BlockDegree and XDC. 

BlockDegree into NFT

The Non-Fungible Tokens has risen up tremendously in recent times. It has evolved as an enormous tidal wave in the overall crypto industry. Their popularity and usability cannot be denied in the crypto market globally. Any collectibles in any digital form could be traded as NFTs. The overall liquidity into the NFT market goes for about $7.5 million and artworks to $69 million.

And so, BlockDegree has also decided to enter into the NFTs by enabling its users to convert their certificates obtained into NFTs. These NFTs can be integrated into the marketplace in BlockDegree and used for trades. All this is powered by the XinFin network, which enables smart contracts for NFT creation, its sale and trading processes.

The ideology and foresee view of BlockDegree is surely to be applauded. Great move and all success to its endeavours.

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