NFTs Are Creating New Ways To Give Back To The Community

The NFT age, which aims to compete with and against the traditional art sector, is just starting. The younger generation is leading the charge by democratizing this new method of purchasing video game assets, artwork, and other digital assets. For example, nearly half (49%) of young adults between 18 and 24 are open to purchasing a digital item in the form of an NFT. On the other hand, only 8% of adults over 65 showed interest in purchasing NFTs.

There is already a lot of good coming from NFTs. One group of people who are benefiting the most are the artists behind the NFTs. Many of these artists are now making incredible profits from their labors as they have never seen before. This has been made possible through the artist’s future sales in the secondary market, which allows the NFT’s original artist to receive compensation through royalties. For instance, the buyer or investor may sell the NFT to another buyer or investment in the secondary market after the original artist, or owner first sells it.

Rewards for Good Deeds

We are now seeing a new trend beginning to emerge, where NFT holders may receive rewards for their good deeds. It is becoming more and more commonplace to auction and sell NFTs for charity, with the proceeds going to support various social and environmental initiatives. NFT auctions have already benefited numerous charities by enabling them to transparently generate donations while interacting with their audience and enhancing brand exposure.

We have also observed some NFT-related activities that support local communities, provide funding for environmental initiatives, or even employ an entirely different model that allows creators more creative flexibility, such as Mila Kunis’ Stoner Cats. Below, we have chosen a few of the most inspiring initiatives that show how NFTs can have a beneficial influence on society as a whole.

Fresus NFT

Fresus NFT is an exciting “good-deeds” style project. Fresus, also known as “Frog Jesus,” was born on top of a snow-capped mountain in Japan ions ago. Recently, he decided to descend from his peaceful grasslands in order to school his new disciples in all things NFT and to reward good deeds performed by his community.

In essence, Fresus is a sharp-tongued frog deity who stands for the unity of all faiths, philosophies, backgrounds, and cultures. He has extensive life experience and doles out sound NFT, crypto, and life advice daily to his loyal followers on Twitter.

He is self-deprecating, has no ego (or shame), and doesn’t suffer fools. As a wise old soul, he knows better than to get involved with trolls, and it is basically impossible to provoke him.

There are plenty of perks attached to joining the Fresus NFT community. There are regular games and contests to participate in, plus a chance to earn “stamps” by posting about your good deeds. You can also earn stamps by posting your confessions, and Fresus will also absolve you of your wrongdoings.

The stamp collection is straightforward. Each community member will purchase the Fresus NFT and then have access to the card below:

Hindi x x x x x
Christianity x x x
Judaism x x x x x x x x x x
Islam x

The idea is to fill up the card in order to receive rewards. When the user completes a category, Fresus NFT will reward the user with different prizes. Completing the entire card will grant an even bigger prize. Those details are yet to be announced. 

More NFTs for Good Deeds Projects

Two highly impressive “NFTs for Good Deeds” projects are Metagood and OnChainMonkey.

According to its website, Metagood’s mission is to “empower communities to be catalysts for positive collective action.” Metagood is an organization that aims to improve the future of Web3 while also helping others. Founded by crypto and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) veterans, OnChainMonkey (Metagood’s first NFT project) has helped support a number of worthy causes.

OnChainMonkey, a collection of historical non-fungible tokens that was all on-chain in a single transaction, was introduced by Metagood. The 10,000 monkeys have added real-world benefits to society and continue to actively contribute to positive change.

Metagood has donated to UNICEF, supported Ukraine, and offered financial support for the evacuation of Afghan refugee Sharbat Gula through the OnChainMonkey NFT collection.

Charities in Web3

CharityX, a platform by SHOPX, is built specifically for charities to be able to drop their own branded NFTs. Created as a way for charities to get involved in Web3 and take advantage of the opportunities, CharityX provides all the tools needed. NFTs can be sold to raise money, and can even grant special access depending on the donor and the charitable brand. The NFT can serve as a nice picture or even be a ticket/pass for a community event. This grants charitable organizations more freedom and potential funds, as well as a way to associate, network and thank the donors. 

CharityX is one of the many Web3 tools SHOPX offers, and is how they plan on onboarding charities into the blockchain space. Making it simpler and easier for charities to get involved, CharityX gives any non-profit the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Web3 market.


Even if the concept of NFTs for charitable purposes is expanding, there are still certain barriers to mass acceptance due to a lack of knowledge and concerns about fraud. Nevertheless, despite these difficulties, the interest level continues to rise in the crypto and NFT communities. If you need help marketing your cryptocurrency or NFT project, Simple Crypto PR offers A-Z marketing services including whitepapers, decks, designs, publications, social media growth, community management, and more. 

Beyond merely purchasing and reselling artwork and earning money in the Metaverse, NFTs provide further opportunities. Additionally, it enables communities, donors, and organizations to empower others, protect the environment, spread awareness, and do so much more. 

Additionally, blockchain technology users may track their cryptocurrency donations’ progress, which encourages confidence. Overall, NFTs for good deeds is an excellent idea that uses innovation and technology for the common good!

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