NFTpay’s Simplified Solution Brings NFTs to the Masses with CEO Mike Krilivsky at the Helm

Mike Krilivsky

NFTpay’s innovative payment solution makes NFTs accessible to everyone with just a credit card, eliminating the complexity and confusion of crypto wallets and transfers.

NFTs have taken the digital world by storm, but their complexity and reliance on cryptocurrency have hindered their widespread adoption. NFTpay, a payment solution, is changing that with its mission to simplify the NFT and Web3 world and make it accessible to billions of people in an easy and unified way. At the helm is CEO Michael Krilivsky, who is determined to break down the barriers to NFT adoption.

NFTpay’s innovative payment solution allows companies selling NFTs to reach a broader audience without being limited by the complex process of crypto wallets, KYC, and crypto transfers. Customers can now buy NFTs with just a credit card in less than a minute, making it accessible for everyone, including those without prior knowledge of crypto.

“Our focus has been on taking the integration process for NFT project creators and NFT marketplaces as simple as possible so that they can get started accepting credit cards with the least possible integration work,” says Krilivsky. “NFTpay offers a payment solution that enables anyone, even those unfamiliar with crypto, to buy an NFT in just a minute. We handle all the complicated aspects, such as crypto wallets, buying cryptocurrency, KYC, and potential chargebacks, so the consumer and company can enjoy a seamless experience. The consumer’s buying process is easier & companies’ selling process and customer support is better because things are simple.”

NFTpay has been constantly adding new features and experiences to drive adoption with consumers and businesses. It recently rolled out features such as the NFTpay wallet API, USDC and USDT support, and NFT gaming services, with ACH, Apple Pay, and wire transfers coming soon. NFTpay leads the industry in supporting the most blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Algorand, USDC, USDT, Fantom, Telos, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, with Cardano and Tezos coming soon.

NFTpay is a unique payment solution for NFTs that enables the sale of NFTs for significantly high dollar amounts, even reaching the millions. This sets NFTpay apart as the first and only payment solution that can handle such high-value transactions for NFTs. While most payment solutions have a maximum limit of $750 or $2500, NFTpay allows credit card purchases in the high tens of thousands and Wire/ACH transactions in the millions.

With NFTpay, NFT purchasing has never been easier and more accessible. NFT founders and partners can integrate the NFTpay credit card solution directly into their websites with just two lines of script, making it simple and secure for customers to purchase NFTs without any wallet requirements. Most projects are live within minutes!

Mike Krilivsky and his team at NFTpay are changing the game with their simplified payment solution. By eliminating the complexities of crypto wallets and transfers, they are making NFTs accessible to the masses. The future of NFTs is looking bright with NFTpay’s innovative solution leading the way.

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