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NFTBOOKS’s reward pool – Improve Knowledge to Earn

NFTBOOKS (NFTBS), is a platform that revolves around promoting NFTs for books, magazines, articles, ebooks, and so on. We claim to become a marketing tool for authors where they can sell their books and earn passive income, meaning whenever people read a book, the author will generate profit from it. Another objective of the NFTBOOKS (NFTBS) platform is to empower users to read books at a fraction of the cost.

What is Improve Knowledge to Earn?

Improve Knowledge to Earn — The more knowledge you have, the more earning you own! When knowledge becomes a passive and steady income for you.

As we all know, cultivating knowledge every day will help us become wise and conscious and become a person with depth of soul. That is NFTBOOKS’s visionary and missionary from the outset!

We build a foundation with humanistic values, helping people access human knowledge through reading. NFTBOOKS will be a marketplace for authors and readers to connect to buy/borrow/rent books,…Besides, NFTBOOKS will be the best way for readers/authors to use their knowledge to receive more rewards.

NFTBOOKS’s reward pool.

NFTBOOKS cherishes and creates a new reward mechanism for NFTBOOKS users to not only improve your knowledge but also help you have a steady income. A reward mechanism is as follows:

The spreadsheet that rewards your activity on the platform.

Register to buy a book — Earn 6 points

All users who register to buy books directly from the author publishing will collect 6 points reward. For example, the registration for buying “Basic Knowledge about E-commerce” will expire in 1 day and 4 hours (estimated at the time of writing this article). Registering to buy this one during the time above will give you 6 points.

Read an entire book — Earn 1 point
You will receive 1 point reward when you read a book from the first page to the last. When you finish reading, the system will automatically add 1 point to your account.

Review a book (minimum 140 characters) — Earn 1 point
Write a quality review after reading the book and collect 1 point afterward. However, we only count your review as valid when the number of characters is not less than 140. Your review should be well-groomed, other readers can have an overview of your book.
Tip for NFTBOOKS users: After reading a book entirely, you can write a review for that and receive 2 points in your account

Buy a book — Earn 1 point
Buy a book and get 1 point for you. After buying, you can rent that book and earn a passive income.

Borrow a book – Earn 1 point
Not only borrowing books at the most affordable price ever but also collecting 1 point reward afterward. Let’s get a move on borrowing a book on the NFTBOOKS marketplace!

Listing a book on Rent — Earn 1 point
Borrowing a book from other users or listing a book on NFTBOOKS for others to borrow, NFTBOOKS will give 1 point for you.

Listing a book on Sell- Earn 1 point
Buying a book from an author/seller and then listing it up to NFTBOOKS for resale, NFTBOOKS will award 1 point to you.

The reward pool is shared weekly among the active users on the platform, so don’t miss a chance to experience this new mechanism. As we know, knowledge can help you become more successful in all areas of your life, including work and relationships. In addition, knowledge will be your steady income with NFTBOOKS. Let’s cultivate your knowledge to earn more rewards with us!

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