NFT WEARR Is Changing The Game By Bringing NFTs as Real-World Value

NFT WEARR, a technology-driven clothing company has announced that the company will soon bring the NFTs into the real world by helping the NFT owners order their art through merchandise. As the market of NFTs is growing, the demand in the market to have a real-world value for NFTs is also soaring. 

This announcement along with the fact that it will be available across the globe has increased the anticipation for the launch of the NFT WEARR platform.

What makes NFT WEARR is that it’s the first of its kind platform that allows the NFT holders to connect their wallets and choose their merchandise which can later be shipped to their location. 

NFT WEARR will allow anybody to customize any product using their exclusive NFTs. They can wear and enjoy their NFTs everywhere and bring them to life. The company is expecting a great response from the NFT community and is hopeful to bring the NFTs to the real world.

The internal research of the company shows that NFTs have great potential in the merchandising industry. The concept of NFT is new and the general public is still not well aware of it. That is why the company has started an awareness campaign about the same and is hopeful to get a great response from the community.

In order to meet the demand for the merchandise, the company has partnered with several manufacturing houses in the USA, Europe, and China and is in process of establishing a functioning supply chain. The company is also in talks with the international shipping companies that will allow a smooth supply chain from the order stage to the delivery stage. NFT WEARR has adopted industry-standard safety and security protocols to protect the users. The design platform will help the users to connect their NFT wallet to the NFT WEARR system and create their merchandise as per their requirements.

NFT WEARR is the first platform to give the exact merchandise that a user has designed which they can do by connecting their NFT wallet and using NFTs they already hold. The company will deliver the user-designed merchandise to their doorsteps. This provides the possibility to use the user-designed merch product on the web3.

Currently, the company will offer products such as customizable t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and clothing items and the future plan includes offering customizable fitness solutions, household items, etc.

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