NFT Talk: Ryan Hoggan Shares Which Top NFT Projects Are Making Waves

NFT Talk with Ryan Hoggan

NFTs have quickly become one of the best ways to build wealth. Crypto technology is an extremely exciting phenomenon sweeping the world, and smart investors like Ryan Hoggan have been taking advantage.

While Cryptocurrency has been going up and down with huge volatility thanks to its mainstream appeal, NFTs have yet to hit the masses. This means now is the best time to check out some projects and determine if any appeal to you.

Ryan Hoggan is an NFT and investing expert, which is why I reached out to him to ask which projects he’s watching this year and which ones he expects to make huge waves. Let’s see what Ryan thinks.


Ryan Hoggan has had his fair share of experience in the real estate industry; at this point, he knows it like the back of his hand. This is why Decentraland appeals to him so much.

Decentraland is an online metaverse where users can purchase and build out their own property/land. The only limit to what they can create in their imagination, and many Decentraland users have shown that this community’s imagination is near limitless.

Someone with drive and determination could easily find success in this metaverse landscape, just as they would with real-world real estate. In fact, there are already real estate agencies buying and selling land in Decentraland.


CryptoPunks is the project that started it all. This NFT project has even reached celebrities like Jay-Z, who famously made a CryptoPunk his Twitter profile picture. The thing that Ryan Hoggan likes the most about CryptoPunks is that it is a classic.

NFT technology is still in its infancy, but 10 – 20 years from now, CryptoPunks will be known as one of the first mainstream projects to be released. This gives it near infinite potential.

Just look at how Pokemon cards have exploded in price in the last year. There’s so much profit to be made on nostalgia.


CryptoKitties is a classic NFT project. There are many cats that all have great artwork, look completely unique, and will appeal to a mass of different people.

CryptoKitties do stand out from the crowd thanks to one thing, though; breeding! CryptoKitties can actually breed with each other and generate wealth, making it one of the most unique and appealing NFT projects on the market right now.


Silks can be thought of as a virtual racehorse project. People have been betting on and investing in thoroughbred racehorses for centuries, and finally, they can do this in the metaverse as well. Silks is an extremely ambitious project that lets investors purchase virtual racehorses that have connections to real racehorses.

The investors will earn rewards as they play and as the real-life counterparts of their horses perform well. This project is very ambitious, but it also has a lot of people with great experience behind the scenes, which gives Ryan Hoggan the confidence to invest.

Women Rise

This project was launched by Maliha Abidi, a feminist artist with fans across the world. Ryan Hoggan loves this project because its main goal is to make NFTs more inclusive and bring more people into the industry. The art is beautiful, and the message is timeless, which is why this is one of Ryan’s favorite projects of the past 5 years.

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