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NFT PowerUp Launches Prize Campaigns with High-Value NFT Prizes, including Bored Ape Yacht Club

Prize Campaigns are raffles that give NFT PowerUp holders the opportunity to win highly rewarding Web3 prizes, including valuable NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Crypto Punks, World of Women, and more.

Community members can join the draw by holding PowerUp Original NFT, which allows you to purchase an NFT ticket (DoodleUp). Each Prize Campaign has its own ticket and prize award. Most importantly, NFT PowerUp will use Chainlink VRF as a provably fair way to draw winners. Members can check the campaign draw on-chain on 

Moreover, where applicable, the team will demonstrate proof of ownership of the giveaway when the Prize Campaigns launch. All NFT prizes that the community will win are already purchased to be given away. 

PowerUp Original NFTs

To participate in the Prize Campaigns, users need to hold PowerUp Original NFTs. This is a collection of 5,555 NFTs uniquely hand-drawn by kids from various charities around the globe. Every NFT features an endless array of alternating colors and patterns uniquely blended to create beautiful designs.

Kids of selected charities around the world design the original artwork, which is then digitalized into unique NFT art. A portion of the NFT sales will be donated to these charity organizations to ensure the benefits of Web3 reach these financially excluded communities.

As a holder of PowerUp Original NFTs, you get access to purchase an NFT ticket that enters you into the Prize Campaign. You also get a percentage of the returns from the live Prize Campaigns revenue. Other benefits to holders include access to limited edition NFT airdrops as well as voting rights for future prize draws.

Join the Pre-Sale to Win

If you’re into NFTs and are on the lookout to acquire blue-chip NFTs like Azuki, BAYC, and CryptoPunks, NFT PowerUp is for you.  Be the first in line to secure the freshly minted Original by joining the pre-sale whitelist on Discord.  PowerUp Original NFTs minting will take place on their website on [date TBA] so make sure you connect your wallet early enough to mint your NFTs. Upon minting your Original NFT, you’ll get access to purchase an NFT ticket at a discount and enter into a draw to win high-value NFT prizes.

For more information on how to participate in the pre-sale minting, please register on their website.





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