NFT Horse Racing Blockchain Game DarleyGo to Hold IDO on March 9th


Merging the power of NFTs with the age-old tradition of horse racing, DarleyGo is a Solana based platform that offers a thrilling game to people who have always wanted to own a racehorse, but find it too expensive or difficult to do so.

Now, the blockchain gaming platform has decided to go for its IDO, giving a chance to enthusiasts and fans to acquire the game tokens early on.

On Game, Two Tokens

The DarleyGo game will consist of two tokens, each one working in specific areas of the ecosystem. The two token system has been developed to ensure that players and fans get the best out of the platform as per their intentions.

$DGE is the governance token, where token holders will be able to use it for different DeFi and governance options, such as staking, voting for updates and changes in the game, breeding the mythical NFT horses to produce more and special rewards. The IDO will be of $DGE, with  20 million reserved for the launch at a discounted price of 0.08 USDC. Whitelisting will begin on Solanium (since DarleyGo is Solana based) on the 7th with the IDO on the 9th and final token distribution on the 17th.

It is advised to use personal wallets and not exchanges as the $DGE tokens will not be credited to the non-custodial wallets.

For people who are interested in playing the different gaming modes, they will need to acquire $GXE, the in-game tokens of DarleyGo. These will be used primarily for racing rewards, buying and selling in-game assets etc. 

Horsing Around

DarleyGo’s story is situated on a mythical planet of Altair, where the horses are the primary species. For centuries, they have lived in three distinct tribes and you can select any of these when you start. The gameplay consists of three different modes:

  • Racing: Compete against other players in different events, with the top three winners attaining $DGE and $GXE as rewards. Higher the rewards, the tougher the game is.
  • Training: Get to know your horse and gel with it as you explore the open environment to complete tasks in Trotting mode or use the Galloping mode to train with another partner.
  • Breeding: Expand your horse’s bloodline and breed unique steeds to pass on the strengths. Enroll your horse on a stud farm or go solo. Find the right parents to produce exceptional horses.

Why DarleyGo?

DarleyGo, while being another NFT GameFi platform, offers some unique features that set it apart from the rest.

First, if you purchase the DarelyGo Genesis Card, you will get a Genesis Badge that will put you on a different playing field. Not only can you redeem this card for a genesis horse, but offer access to the DarelyGo DAO and help unlock advanced features of the game ahead of others.

Secondly, using the NFT horses, you don’t have to pay any entry fee for the races. Coming in the top 3 will get you free DarleyGo tokens, so essentially it’s free to play.

Lastly, the NFT Horses themselves can be used in the breeding mode to create offspring, which can be either sold off in the market or used to gain grounds in the races, especially if the newborn is with exceptional stats.

A one of a kind game on the Solana blockchain, DarleyGo gives an opportunity to horse lovers all over the world to live the life of exhilarating horse races and finally own a steed of their own.

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