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NFT Collection TikTak Launched To Make Life Easier For Every Student

Designed by two talented young individuals, the new NFT collection will be expanding in the future to add many new features.

With dreams of exploring smart contracts, the two young geniuses, “Tik” and “Tak” have finally launched their much-awaited NFT collection, TikTak to ultimately support every student’s growth. With this new initiative, the duo aims to support students worldwide once they have secured their education.

Upon completion of the audit and KYC requirements, the developers are looking to conduct a PinkSale FairLaunch with Safu Badge. 

TikTak is the first-ever Safu project officially approved by Pinksale, to demonstrate that a promising future in cryptocurrencies is not just a pipe dream. It is a long-term investment opportunity that is motivated by a lifelong goal. Tik and Tak are two young guys who founded the company and believe they should set an example for their older brothers.

The Safu Badge, which will appear during this quest, is considered to be the savior of the future. There are also plans for the Pancake Swap listing and CMC and Cg listings, after which a donation interface for students will be set up, along with a feature called TikTak AMM.

The website was developed by Tak, a 16-year-old young prodigy who considers football his favorite activity, with his favorite team being Chelsea. 

He says, “ This is my first produced website, and I aim to educate myself to become a skilled developer. After putting a lot of effort into this project with my friend Tik, we decided to wrap it up and take the first step toward the professional lives we have always desired.” 

“We live in a society. As a mirror of this community, we watch the battle of good and evil in the crypto world. We wanted to experience what it means to write a completely secure contract in an area that we don’t know as two teenagers. The safe badge that appears during this quest will be the savior of our future. To be frank, we promise to support other students after we guarantee our education,” he added.

Tik is also a football enthusiast whose favorite team is Paris Saint-Germain. He is interested in software and continuously takes lessons to improve his knowledge. He was quoted saying, “I’m attempting to advance in the area of solidity. I just finished writing my first contract, and Tak and I have decided to launch our first contract together. We also understand that it will take a lot of time and effort, but we are committed to seeing it through. The project will grow with us. Help us set bigger goals as we look to the future with confidence”

During the fourth quarter of the year, the new token will see the introduction of a Staking Pool, Big Influencer Marketing, and an NFT marketplace. As the plans to expand the team come to fruition, free courses will also be made available to the students, along with some lucrative buybacks and giveaways for students. The Wallet, Metaverse, and Farming features will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2023 with the aim of making student life easier.

To learn more, visit the official website:

About TikTak

TikTak is the 1st Ever Safu Project Officially Approved By Pinksale TikTak Token created by two bright students to prove that a bright future in crypto is not a dream. It is a long-term investment opportunity with a life-long dream behind the project. 

Media Contact

Company Name: Tiktak

Contact Person: Terry Junior 


Country: France

City: Paris 

State: Paris

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