NFT artist: CryptoZilla Founder, Syed Shuvo 

With great pleasure, we are presenting an interview with Syed Shuvo, a crypto-marketing expert and NFT artist. This interview tries to showcase his goals, achievements, and future upcoming projects. 

Who is Syed Shuvo?

Syed Shuvo is a social media influencer. He is an experienced crypto analyst active in the field. He has been working in the crypto industry since 2013. He owns a crypto marketing agency called CryptoZilla.

He has worked with lots of influencers and collaborated with their brands. He has a partnership with He has gotten multiple mentions in the media about his expansion of CryptoZilla and his ventures into NFT projects.

Who are the people that motivated Shuvo?

Two people who have greatly influenced Shuvo are Ian Friend, the CEO of Ferrum Network, who also gave him a chance to join his marketing network, and Phil, the ex-CEO of YFDAI Finance who motivated him immensely. He has made a big contribution to where Shuvo stands today. 

What is the experience and hobbies of Syed Shuvo?

Syed Shuvo has been fascinated by the crypto market. He has been sharing his crypto analysis on social media and he gained massive popularity, he started his own business, a marketing agency in the cryptocurrency space. Shuvo is also an NFT artist working on an upcoming project called “Ronaldo Yacht Club.”

What is the reason behind starting this business?

Shuvo’s passion and his experience in crypto marketing is the reason why he started this business. He has a sharp eye for analyzing the crypto business, and he has utilized that talent in this business.

What are some of his customer success experiences?

A large number of Shuvo’s projects have reached one million milestones. Some of the projects are Ferrum Network, BSCPAD, Invictus Capital, DuckDao, Vlaunch, and many more. Shuvo boasts of satisfied customers. 

Who brings Shuvo to the cryptocurrency space?

Shuvo has analyzed the crypto market for a long time. He completed his master’s in 2019 from the UK. When he had enough experience in the field he entered a marketing agency for cryptocurrency. 

What life lesson would Shuvo like to share with his readers?

Shuvo loves reading and one of his best reads is Rhonda Byrne’s bestseller book The Secret. There is a quote in the book which goes “Your thoughts become things!”. This line has motivated Shuvo a lot. 

What are his upcoming projects and partnerships?

Shuvo’s marketing agency CryptoZilla has recently tied a partnership with Shuvo is also bringing an NFT project called “Ronaldo Yacht Club”. The NFT artist in this project is Syed Shuvo himself. English Footballer Michael Owen has praised this project in a video on Twitter. 

What is his favorite pastime?

In his free time, Shuvo loves to code. Shuvo is a free and open-source enthusiast. He has a great interest in FOSS projects, he spends his free time exploring various foss projects. 

How can we contact Shuvo?

Shuvo has a digital presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can easily contact him on his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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