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Newly registered companies in Manchester have overtaken London

UK accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young found that there are 79 new companies for every 10,000 people in Manchester. This figure is 58% higher than the UK average (50 new companies) and 23% higher than London’s (64 new companies).


In addition, the city has recently been ranked as the third most active tech city in the UK Tech Innovation Index, and has been named as a base for the development of creative industries, innovation and artificial intelligence.


Manchester has seen significant investment and regeneration over the last few decades, from education to public transport, and the benefits of these plans are emerging. The challenge for Manchester now is to maintain this pace of development: businesses and entrepreneurs are watching the construction of the HS2 Expressway to see if it will go ahead as planned, and if it will meet expectations and drive investment in Manchester.


What does new company registration have to do with UK property?


The presence of many Manchester student accommodation in Manchester means that there is a demand for jobs in the city, and with jobs comes a demand for housing. For buy-to-let investors, the increased demand for housing will almost certainly result in properties being rented out at a good price, Manchester student apartments guaranteed rental return.


Sustainability of the City’s development


One of the key drivers of growth in Manchester is the availability of cheap office and commercial property for rent, which encourages entrepreneurs to set up in the city. Secondly, the Manchester Business School has received a £33 million injection from the government, which means that the City’s reputation for producing high calibre young professionals will be further enhanced and this will attract more employers to the City.


Things to know about renting in Manchester

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the charms of Manchester, and your soul has already travelled across the ocean to wander under the romantic night sky of the city. But fantasies must be shattered by reality, and before you can live comfortably in Manchester, you need to find a place for your body to live.


Can I complain to my landlord about renting an apartment in Manchester? 


You can complain directly to your landlord. If your landlord has a complaints handling channel, you can use this to file a complaint, for example, some of the regular housing agents have a dedicated complaints handling department and staff, you can call and ask or find the information on the agent’s website. If your landlord does not have a complaints handling channel, or if you do not know where to complain, it is logical for the tenant to make a written complaint, writing down all the matters you wish to complain about, and then asking the landlord to investigate and make enquiries, again, they will need to respond to you in writing with the outcome and how they will deal with it. If you are not satisfied with their response or if your landlord does not respond to your complaint, you can file a complaint with Alternativedispute resolution (ADR) or go to court.


What should I know about safety when renting in Manchester? 


Before renting, you should check with your agent or landlord that all electrical appliances in the property have been tested (Portable ApplianceTesting) and you should ask to see the test certificate to confirm this. You should also check that the house is equipped with smoke alarms or burglar alarms, and if the landlord provides the furniture, you should check that it complies with the new UK fire safety regulations. Before renting, you should check that the interior of the house is in good condition, that there are no signs of any damp or peeling paint, and that there is central heating, as it is still quite cold in the UK in winter and it is essential to check that the heating is working properly. Many international students have to buy their own separate electric heaters in winter because the heating in their homes is broken or not warm.


If you are renting a flat in Manchester, you will have to apply for these things yourself. If you are sharing a flat and just renting a bedroom, then usually the landlord will provide this. If you need to handle these things yourself, remember to check with your agent or landlord to find out which companies provide the existing services in your current flat (i.e. those used by your previous tenants) and then contact those companies, provide your address and set up an account in your name. Similarly, when it is time for you to move out, contact those companies to close your account so that your next tenant can continue to apply for access.

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