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Newcastle, Mad Maggie, and Crypto are the least popular Apex Legends characters.

Newcastle, Mad Maggie, and Crypto are Apex Legends‘ least popular classes, and the cause appears to be rather obvious.

Apex Legends’ popularity and meta are determined by the pick rate of its numerous characters, and some will always be at the top. Despite the addition of more legends since then, Wraith and Octane remain two of the most popular Apex Legends codes characters. Typically, each season’s new character rises to the top before settling into its meta, which is terrible for Newcastle.

Newcastle is now the third least chosen legend, as shown below. Newcastle’s pick rate has dropped to 2.2 percent, while Mad Maggie and Crypto are both at 1.7 percent. Apex Legends fans are wondering why, and there are a few noteworthy factors at work here.

Low Pick Rates in Apex Legends

The first reason is that meta characters have the highest pick rates. Several characters are simply better than others, and Apex Legends was once plagued by a significant power inflation problem. Valkyrie is a good example of a legend who does too much, and Seer debuted in an overpowered condition as well. This makes certain characters appear less valuable than others, and it appears that Respawn is overcorrecting.

Newcastle, for example, is the newest legend, and his kit is exciting but has various flaws and countermeasures. His mobile shield is readily damaged, and his ultimate is just as likely to hurt him as it is to aid him. Mad Maggie, on the other hand, is a more counter-focused assault class, but she is primarily situational. It’s not even that—just it’s that she’s outclassed in a world full of assault characters.

It’s not just meta; the examples above also demonstrate class saturation difficulties. Apex Legends developer Respawn has publicly mused about not adding a character every season, and this is reflected here as well. It’s perhaps worst with Crypto. If you wish to play a scanning/recon character, with numerous characters having some sort of scanning ability, Bloodhound and Seer will always come out on top. Even Crypto’s bonuses weren’t enough to compete with other players in the same class in Apex Legends.

Newcastle and Mad Maggie are both in the same situation. Every assault class in Apex Legends will outplay the latter, although Gibraltar is a better tank for those searching for a defensive legend. Overall, class saturation, power inflation, and other variables suggest that Respawn will need to find a better way to balance its growing roster soon. Anyway, read more esports news from here.

Apex Legends is currently available on mobile, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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