New York City Mayor Receives First Three Paychecks in BTC, Do You Support Payment in Cryptocurrency?

According to the latest report, New York City Mayor Eric Adams fulfilled his previous promise to receive his first cryptocurrency paycheck through the automatic exchange. Adams’s wages were converted into BTC and ETH through Coinbase, according to a statement by the mayor’s office on Thursday. Earlier, in a reply to Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez on Twitter, Adams wrote, “In New York we always go big, so I’m going to take my first THREE paychecks in Bitcoin when I become mayor. NYC is going to be the center of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing, innovative industries! Just wait! “

Adams’s move quickly caught the attention of the crypto community and triggered the discussion of whether you would accept payment in cryptocurrency if you were given a choice. No matter whether the answer is yes or no, there is no doubt that Bitcoin is being recognized and accepted by more and more people, and even began to accept it as a means of payment.

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