New Ways To Earn Passive Income Are Needed As COVID-19 Pandemic Continues

COVID-19 Pandemic

With seemingly no end in sight regarding the ongoing global pandemic, countless people all over the world have lost their jobs and hence their source of income through which they could sustain themselves. As such, there was a clear need for a different yet reliable income source and that came to be known as crypto. However, another way had presented itself within the crypto industry and that was the ability to earn passive income through various cryptocurrency assets.

Of course, there are all kinds of projects within this sector that offer ways to earn passive income, but given the extreme volatility and unpredictability that crypto assets often tend to experience, it would be wise to know exactly which projects are worth checking out.

Understanding passive income

Before going any further, it is extremely important to understand what passive income actually is and entails. Passive income can be defined as any income which needs little to no effort to obtain and keep. When the earner puts forth minimal effort to increase their income, this is referred to as progressive passive income. Rental income and other economic operations in which the earner in question does not engage directly are real-world examples of passive income.

With that being said, it does not take much to see how crypto can be used to generate passive income. There are many ways, such as through yield farming, staking, lending, and more. Once again however, as cryptocurrencies can usually increase or decrease dramatically in terms of price, it is worth knowing everything about a passive income-based crypto initiative beforehand.

Is passive income worth it after all?

As aforementioned, there are various projects within the crypto space which provide reliable ways to earn passive income, but perhaps the one that should be talked about these days is the Cubo Protocol. Essentially, this is a node protocol which owns its liquidity in addition to systematically adjusting its supply so as to maintain a stable yield. Using it is simple enough, and the wide variety of nodes offered make it possible to start earning stable passive income. The nodes are called ‘Nano’, ‘Mini’, ‘Kilo’, ‘Mega’, and ‘Giga’, which basically means that investors can pick any of these and receive differing returns on their respective investments. Small-scale investors can also save up for a node in order to participate.

Of course, CUBO is not the only method through which earning passive income within the crypto scene is possible, but its small market cap combined with the fact that KYC via AssureDeFi is already done and the price maintained key support levels even during the recent market crash are all strong indicators that this could indeed be a hidden gem like STRONG and THOR before it. Again, it is vital to do your own research beforehand and also know exactly what your overall budget and risk appetite are prior to investing.

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