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New Update for MarksMan Liquidity Hub: Better User Experience and More Convenient Features

MarksMan Liquidity Hub

The MarksMan Liquidity Hub, the industry’s leading spot liquidity platform, has introduced a new update with revised UI/UX features. With this enhancement, clients now have access to additional liquidity options, increased market selection, opportunities to create unique liquidity streams, and more flexibility when hedging risks. Additionally, the leading crypto liquidity technology platform now features a faster rate of price updates, improved usability, and useful documentation on risk hedging.

Price Discovery

MarksMan now integrates Huobi Spot and Huobi Futures as new major sources of Level 2 quotes, which allow users of Liquidity Hub to profit as much as possible from their liquidity streams. 

Price Construction

Among the new features of MarksMan is the ability to apply markups based on order book depth and support lot sizes in derivatives contracts. With this, users will be able to alter and shape platform liquidity to suit their needs.

Risk Hedging

The MarksMan team also updated its hedging engine to add support for the Huobi Spot and Huobi Futures platforms. Furthermore, order placements for derivative assets were optimized according to the contract specifications (including sizes and face values of contracts).


You will now be able to get 10 times faster price updates than before — Level 2 quotes will refresh in 100 ms, giving better insight into the market for your traders.

Web UI

There is now a detailed Reports section in MarksMan Web UI, including hedging trade information and execution statistics. Here, you can see all of your open orders, making it easy to keep tabs on your account’s trading activities.


The MarksMan team has updated the Hedging Configuration page in the User Guide with the latest information and examples on setting up hedging and managing your positions to help you to minimize adverse market effects.

Bottom Line

MarksMan Liquidity Hub is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and providing users with an optimal user experience. Through MarksMan’s continuous product improvement, clients can be confident that MarksMan is pushing the boundaries to ensure they get the very best in industry-leading solutions.

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