New Token Bounce N Play With Triple Play Protocol Announced

Bounce n Play which will be launched soon, has a triple play protocol consisting of Move2Earn, Play-To-Earn, and the Auto Rebase Contract.


Bounce n Play is a soon-to-be-launched token that comes with multiple utilities. It will be released on the Binance Smart Chain.


Some of the highlighting features of this token are as follows:

  • The users can get rewards from the P2E game. This working P2E game will be available once the $BNP is launched. Two other games are in the process of production. BNP holders can earn more by holding a minimal BNP. Space Hop is available, while the other two, Space Battle and Lost in space, will be available soon.
  • It has Auto staking protocol and fixed API. The platform will provide the users with a great asset that will not require the user to connect their wallet to any third-party DAPPS. It is due to their rebase system with automatic staking and auto compounding. After the introduction and in the first 12 months, they have a high sustainable APY of 382,945.41 percent.
  • Real-life interaction is available with the Move 2 Earn feature. This feature ensures the users move. With the help of token rewards, one can earn more money by engaging in different kinds of exercises like Jumping rope/skipping, cycling, and walking/running.


The Bounce n Play mobile application has been designed to mix with real-life activities, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.


Bounce n Play has a triple play protocol, namely Move2Earn, Play-To-Earn, and the Auto Rebase Contract. It has been designed to provide every user in the project with a sustainable income for a long time. The ecosystem supports the use case in the decentralized space, and it will be available to everyone. Millions of people in the Defi industry will be benefitted from this system provided by Bounce n Play. 


One of the Play-To-Earn systems can be availed by the users. The Play-to-earn system, as well as the Android version, is ready. 


The marketplace of Bounce N Play will be available soon. The users will be able to mint NFT for participating in the Move2Earn application. There will be partnerships with larger telegram call groups, and the CEX listing will also be unveiled soon. There will be 2000 unique NFTs on offer. 1000 among them will be common ones, 500 will be rare NFTs, 400 will be super rare NFTs, and 100 will be ultra-rare NFTs.


Bounce n Play will be available for download soon on Apple Store/iOS, Google Play, and Android. 


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About Bounce n Play:

Bounce n Play is a soon-to-be-released token with various features and will be released on the Binance Smart Chain. The Bounce n Play mobile application was created to be used in conjunction with real-world activities, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. Move2Earn, Play-To-Earn, and the Auto Rebase Contract are all part of Bounce n Play’s triple play protocol.


Media Contact

Business Name: BounceNPlay

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Country: UAE

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