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New technologies in the security business

The development of new Technologies never really stops and especially in times of war the implementation of new technologies is accelerated due to necessity. During peace time there is a certain push back against trying new things as the implementation of new methods expends energy in form of time and money. The developments in the last years have continuously added to the capabilities of surveillance techniques as would be used by Security Guard Services for Fort Worth, Seattle or anywhere in the country. If you want to hire a security service or might be planning to do so on the feature its always interesting to know which options are available. Only when one knows what is available a good decision regarding the employment of a security service can be made.

Drones are everywhere

The recent years have seen an increased use of drones. The drones have become so numerous as the mass production in Chinese factories has made them widely available and quite cheap. The quality of these drones is quite acceptable for the price that is asked. The only drawback with these electronics from Asia is the fact that all products come with an inbuilt surveillance equipment from the CCP. If the drone handles data, that must be kept secret, it is of absolute importance to make sure this data can’t be sent to someone who shouldn’t have it. For example, the Chinese secret police tasked with stealing IP to power the Chinese industry.

Higher priced drones for surveillance can be purchased from other countries and might not have this problem of industrial espionage. The best solution is a self-build drone and as the templates for building and running drones using open-source electronics like the raspberry pi are widely available a good and specialised security service will use its own drones or at least drones that have been customized with data security in mind.

The right drone in the hands of a skilled operator can replace a high number of security cameras and provide great coverage of the area one wants to protect. Modern security work is not possible without drones.

Night vison equipment

Another newish technology which has been in military use for many years, and which has seen a rapid development in the last years concerning its usage in the military as well in private security is night vison equipment. As most illegal activity happens at night, it’s very useful to be able to see at night. Night vision equipment has become smaller and available for many costumers while the price decreased. Any security service that uses night vision equipment has a distinct advantage over the majority of criminals that only have very limited access to night vision googles.

Two types of night vison equipment can be discerned. The older and simpler version is an image amplifier of the little light that is reflected at night. This night vision can be rather weak depending on the circumstances. In order to detect intruders, thermal vision is more efficient as all humans and anything that moves will produce heat which can be detected with a thermal vision equipment detecting electromagnet waves in the infrared range from 700 nm to 1 mm wavelength. Today night vison equipment often combines both forms of night vision to form so called fusion night vision. This state-of-the-art technology is not always needed though, and this opens up the possibility for buying surplus equipment from the military. This way users in the security business find a balance between new technologies and proven techniques.

AI and 5G

Artificial intelligence and 5G are the buzzwords these days. Recently the craze for 5G is mostly confined to developing countries while AI is very important for any new project. The AI used today is not really an intelligence. ChatGTP and Co. Just simulate intelligence by combining existing sources in a way that simulates the output of the internet worldwide. Techniques for image recognition can be used to determine if a picture shows people or just objects and “AI” powered picture recognition can help guarding property with surveillance cameras. Modern and mobile internet makes it possible to access surveillance information from anywhre in the globe. While this also opens up the possibility for Hackers to attack a security system wireless networks multiply the efficiency of a security guard.


Security services as the leading VP Security Guards are continuously developing and using new technologies to work better and more efficient. This is part of the never-ending arms race between thieve and guard and security services need to stay at least up to date or even better ahead of the curve to perform their task.

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