New Tech Solutions to Vastly Improve Communications Across Your Company

New Tech

Nowhere in our modern culture is technological progress more prominent than in the sphere of communication.

Even just ten years ago, business communication was completely different from what the norms are now. The capacity to change and adapt is a key trait of forward-thinking businesses, and this certainly includes the realm of communication. With that in mind, below are some new tech solutions to vastly improve communications across your company. 

Cloud Phones

Cloud phones do not require any on-premises hardware, which means you don’t have a PBX (private branch exchange) box in your closet or hundreds of feet of copper cabling in your walls or cable ducts.

Furthermore, the absence of actual hardware eliminates the need for continuing maintenance and updates. All back-end modifications are performed out of sight. A cloud phone system can expand or contract based on company needs and adding extensions or direct numbers is as simple as a few mouse clicks, and new extensions may be supplied in a matter of minutes.

Whether your colleagues are in a single building or spread across the country, hosted VoIP allows everyone in your business to use a single communication solution. You may have a single company phone number with many extensions and departments, all of which can be configured from a computer or mobile device.


Even if your employees are unable to attend meetings in person, you can still hold them using a video conferencing tool. Whether you utilize Zoom, Google Meet, or another video conferencing technology, the end result will be consistent workflows that are less likely to be disturbed when a member of your team works from home or, if you allow remote work, is working from a far-off location, potentially on a different time zone. 

Video conferencing is great because it provides that face-to-face element that makes for much stronger office relationships. Videoconferencing applications like Slack and Discord are also great because they are integratable with other apps like Gmail, allowing you to keep track of and remind people of events much easier. 

Scheduling Systems

A scheduling system is another great new tech solution that can help you better organize service calls or appointments with both clients and employees. Using a scheduling system can increase efficiency across all departments while also potentially raising revenue by allowing you to schedule more projects and do more business. Almost any business in every industry can utilize a scheduling system to view pertinent client information such as service history, call logs, and appointment locations and to set up meetings with coworkers. 

Collaborative Digital Workspaces

Organizations that are successful acknowledge the importance of collaborative work. Traditional workstations have given way to collaborative digital workspaces. They have a social component to encourage interaction and creativity. The desire to encourage effective work processes, creativity, variety of thinking, and a sense of community has fueled this shift.

Small group interactions in less formal contexts are supported by modern digital workplaces. Small groups are uncomfortable in large places, and good internal communication is hampered. Employees may comfortably produce and exchange material, as well as engage in important creative conversations, by opting for more intimate digital offices.


While certain business communication patterns may evolve in response to new technology, others will most likely persist for many years to come. Start by implementing the new tech mentioned above and enjoy the many collaboration and productivity benefits. 

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