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New service for the support of Russian immigrants

Hello, America, we present to you a new service for the support of Russian immigrants: Yury Mosha’s WhatsApp service.

 According to statistics, over the last 200 years more than four and a half million people have moved from Russia and the USSR to America, which is 6% of the total number of immigrants. According to surveys, this figure could be much higher if people were not pulled back by fears and concerns associated with immigrating. Among the most common concerns are the following:

  • low language level
  • lack of the knowledge of the law
  • unfamiliar lifestyle
  • fear of being left without social benefits, work or accommodation.

Even the presence of a large number of companies providing immigrant support, which have recently appeared on various Russian-language websites, does not relieve our fellow citizens from stress.

Often, services for social mitigation do not achieve the necessary level of credibility among immigrants or they require a substantial amount of money to get the necessary information from them.

At this point the immigrants start to receive help from their own nationals, who have already assimilated in the United States and were able to organize both their everyday life and household


 Yury Mosha WhatsApp support service.

 Yury Mosha is a successful entrepreneur originally from Russia who has been living and working in the United States for more than a decade. During this time, he launched several successful projects and fully mastered the rules and regulations in his new country of residence. Last year when the inflow of Russian-speaking immigrants drastically increased, Yury decided to

help his fellow citizens and developed a technical assistance agency to help with people’s relocation and adaptation. Now, it is in the testing mode, but many people moving from Russia and neighboring CIS countries are able to get assistance with its help.

For a start, Yury needed to choose a suitable platform that would work equally well on both sides of the Atlantic and would provide a decent connection between people in need and his assistants who are ready to provide help to those in need. He decided to use WhatsApp messenger and did not spend on fortune telling. With the help of the immigrants’ assistance agency, anyone with a smartphone and installed application can get professional advice from a reliable professional.

Free to ask any question in a personal message.

It is especially handy that the service does not have a specific request form. Everyone can ask any question of interest to them in any form and receive a comprehensive answer.

  • Don’t know how to get health insurance?
  • Where will your children will be able to study?
  • Are you planning to buy a house, but do you not want to overpay?

While still being in your home country, you will receive all the necessary information from people who are currently living and working in the United States.

And best of all, the service is absolutely free.

Professional help from fellow citizens in the USA. 

When developing the idea of an assistance service for Russian-speaking immigrants in the United States, Yury Mosha carefully selected a team of competent volunteers who are ready to provide all necessary help to their fellow nationals. Despite being in different time zones, they respond to the requests received and provide all the necessary information. In some cases, they

can also provide psychological support to those who, despite fears and risks, are ready to go to a new country with a minimum of amount of money and arrangements.

One can get comprehensive information from the volunteers about the various aspects of life in the country and in individual states, find out about the legal details of obtaining a job and a

residence permit, as well as find out about the prices for accommodation and delivery services for oversized items or animals across the ocean.

 Advantages of the service and plans for the future

Despite the fact that the service is in its developing stage, it already has a number of predominant features over other similar Web portals. Among the most valuable features are:

  • Scalability
  • Approachability
  • Coverage of maximum spheres of life
  • Credibility
  • Absence of user fees

Currently, assistance is provided to Russian-speaking citizens from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and citizens of other former Soviet Union countries who wish to

move to the United States. Yury Mosha has high-flying plans. In the near future, he wants to organize similar assistance agencies in other countries with a large influx of Russian-speaking immigrants, as well as to provide an opportunity to receive support for citizens who speak Ukrainian and Uzbek.

 Help Service for Russian Immigrants in the U.S. WhatsApp +1 347 265 61 86


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