New Possibilities for Digital Assets; Exclusive Interview with Jae Lee, the CEO of AIR WALLET.

AIR WALLET is making new possibilities possible for cryptocurrencies through its digital wallet, exchange portfolio, smart post sharing services and a global marketplaces. Jae Lee, co-founder and CEO of AIR WALLET will be sharing more with us in this interview.

1) Who we are? Please tell us your name and about yourself.

I’m Jae Lee, the co-founder and CEO of AIR WALLET. I grew up in South Korea and went on to study in the US and China. Early on after my studies concluded I found myself working with a cryptocurrency related company. After working in the cryptocurrency field over the past few years, I started to see issues that were keeping people and projects from entering the market. I created AIR WALLET with this in mind, our goal is to develop easier utilization of cryptocurrencies and apply more real life use cases so that the cryptocurrency market can be connected and linked to the everyday economy.

2) What is AIR WALLET?

AIR WALLET is a revolutionary ERC-20 wallet and blockchain platform that connects people to projects with just a few clicks and simplifies digital asset use and management. AIR WALLET will also include a boundary-breaking Marketplace that will aid in the growth of the both the e-commerce and cryptocurrency industries by building authentic communities for businesses and token projects alike. Our integrated system is unlike any other and all housed within a comfortable platform, built with new and experienced users in mind. Within the platform, users can have easy access to Token Sales, Airdrop & Bounty campaigns, safe storage of their digital assets and a marketplace in which they can use them, it’s kind of a one-stop-shop for all your cryptocurrency needs.

3) What is your Vision  and Goal AirWallet, what problems are you solving?

AIR WALLET aims to become the bridge between users, cryptocurrency projects and traditional e-commerce companies by connecting cryptocurrencies to the economy and creating real life use cases. By combining our smartpost sharing platform with e-commerce, AIR WALLET will create a truly global marketplace that is not limited to either cryptocurrency or fiat users. As a blockchain based cryptocurrency platform, AIR WALLET will enable cryptocurrencies to break barriers that exists in traditional currency markets and provide an efficient method of cryptocurrency payments across all global markets. What this does for companies is create another route of visibility from a global community who is already interested in seeing these projects grow and thrive. Traditional e-commerce companies will now also have the ability to tap into a global network of people willing to help out with incentivised marketing. We’ve seen this style of marketing work for many companies in the cryptocurrency industry but this is the first time this kind of marketing will become available to companies that run on fiat, without needing to create their own coins to do so.

4) What are the Features and Services do you provide at AirWallet, what makes you unique?

  1. Wallet: AIR WALLET will be fully ERC-20 compliant, allowing users to add custom ERC-20 token data and store their assets. Additionally, all major cryptocurrencies will be supported on AIR WALLET’S platform.
  2. Smart-Post Sharing: Smart posts are prewritten posts that contain company or product information and will be available for users to share to their social media channels with the simple click of a button. This action will be rewarded through token incentives, guaranteeing that users are compensated for participating in marketing efforts.
  3. Exchange Portfolio: The exchange portfolio allows users to view all of their assets from different exchanges all in one combined portfolio. This makes keeping track of funds much easier and more efficient.
  4. Marketplace: Our revolutionary marketplace takes all the advantages of traditional e-commerce and combines it with the growing cryptocurrency user base to allow transactions in both fiat or cryptocurrency, regardless of what kind of currency you prefer to use.

5) What is the technology behind the AirWallet project, at what stage of development is the platform and Could you give is a walkthrough of how AirWallet works?

We are currently in the developmental stage of our application and expect for the initial launch of our application to be in Q2~Q3

First you would download the application and follow the procedures to register on the platform. After verifying basic user information, the user can then start adding cryptocurrency wallets to claim as their own so that they can store and manage their digital assets. Furthermore, users can explore the many features on our app and participate in marketing efforts of companies and token projects alike while earning rewards for their efforts. Once your currency is stored or linked to your personal wallet on the platform, users can browse the marketplace, Airdrops or bounty programs, or simply trade and invest in the currencies of their choosing.

6) Please give us more information on the Token Details, what are the benefits for token holders?

AIR token is the token foundation on which the AIRWALLET’s token economy operates on. AIR token holders will have the benefit of using their tokens for all good and services connected to the AIR WALLET platform. There will also be some discounts given for users who choose to use AIR tokens for their transactions on the platform.

We are creating additional benefits for token holders by distributing a percentage of airdrop tokens per the amount of AIR held and offering discounted prices for purchases of products from our in-app Marketplace.

7) Could you tell us about your Core Team and customer support?

AIRWALLET boasts of an excellent team with each unique expertise that will help boost and aid in the success of AIRWALLET. Our core team hails from all corners of the globe with backgrounds from cryptocurrency exchange development, business management, trading engine development and more, we are more than confident that we have the team needed to execute the roadmap for AIRWALLET.

8) Do you have Partners you will like to share with us, any more opportunities for investors and Partners at AirWallet?

We currently have about 16 partners. From marketing agencies that we help connect with projects to aid in the success of their token project, to well matured foundations like MakerDAO. We are always looking for new project to collaborate with and new partnerships that will help strengthen our platform and add value to their company as well.

9) Do you have more information for our readers?

We are currently in the stages of IEO with 3 rounds successfully completed. We are preparing for our 4th round token sale and will be announcing the launchpad and the details surrounding it very shortly.

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