New P2E Board Game “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” Launches on the PlayMining GameFi Platform

New P2E Board Game “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” Launches on the PlayMining GameFi Platform

Fans of the video board game genre have an interesting new game title to check out—and this one can win players real cryptocurrency.

Rogue Roll Ruler’s is a new Play-and-Earn (P&E) Web3 game that just launched on PlayMining, a popular GameFi platform with over 2.7 million users. Rogue Roll Ruler’s combines competitive board game mechanics with a dungeon setting, with players racing to claim treasure chests dotted across the map.

The game features a compelling combination of randomness and strategy. Players use dice to move across the board, but can also employ various combinations of character NFTs and equipment to cross the board more quickly. According to a representative of Cross Games, Rogue Roll Ruler’s developer, the game’s NFTs open up many different strategic options.

And players will probably want to make good use of those character NFTs—there are also monsters lying in wait in the dungeon that will be much more easily defeated by players who assemble a party of four adventurers. Lost battles will slow a player’s progress, making them much less likely to claim the prize at the end of the dungeon level.

Players have real incentives to play strategically, too, with PlayMining’s P&E token, DEAPcoin ($DEP), available as rewards for clever gameplay. The best players will earn DEP by opening treasure chests and defeating monsters. There is also a DEP reward for clearing each dungeon level.

The Distinguished DEAPcoin: How to Spend It

The PlayMining platform includes two NFT marketplaces—PlayMining NFT and PlayMining NFT Premier—on which players can spend their hard won DEP on NFTs they can use in their games. Rogue Roll Ruler’s players can also convert rare equipment they find during play into NFTs and sell them on the marketplace to earn more DEP. The two marketplaces also sell limited edition artwork NFTs by well-known Japanese manga and video game artists.

Alternatively, players can also trade in their DEP for fiat on a number of popular exchanges, including OKX, Uniswap, Bitmart, and Bitrue. Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the company that operates PlayMining and the DEAPcoin token, actively buys back DEP from the markets every single month as a service to keep prices stable.

DEP earned in one PlayMining game can be spent on NFTs to be used in any of their other games, making PlayMining a full-featured GameFi platform with a solid economy. In addition to Rogue Roll Ruler’s, the PlayMining platform includes seven other P&E games, including JobTribes, Lucky Farmer, Menya Dragon Ramen, Cookin’ Burger, Lost Archive +, Graffiti Racer and SOUL Fusers. It also has a metaverse project called Kamui Fujiwara Verse, as well as the PlaysiaTV “Watch-and-Earn” streaming video service.

The Ever-Expanding PlayMining GameFi Platform

DEA makes many of their own games in-house, but they also team up with third-party game studios to produce new IPs on PlayMining, such as Cross Games’ new title Rogue Roll Ruler’s. To help third-party developers launch their new IPs, DEA offers full access to DEAPcoin P&E tokenomics, the PlayMining NFT marketplace, and their metaverse. They also offer reasonable fees and pay royalties on NFTs sold—according to DEA co-CEO Kozo Yamada, PlayMining has paid out over US$9 million in royalties so far.

The company is also strongly committed to finding opportunities to create social good through P&E gamification. They are already hard at work on two new video games aimed at real world social impact in the understaffed energy and waste management industries, both of which will use DEAPcoin P&E incentives to enable players to make a real difference in the world.

Fans of the video board game genre can log in to Rogue Roll Ruler’s on their website. More information about PlayMining and DEA can also be found on their respective homepages.

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