New NFT Project The Novatar Provides Unique Virtual and Meta Identity

Novatar- NFT Baby To Adult Evolution

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg declared that Facebook would renamed Meta to capitalize on the digital frontier. According to digital currency investor Grayscale, the worldwide metaverse market will soon be worth $1 trillion. Even Twitter announced the utilization of avatars on its platform soon for users to explore the digital revolution.

Technologists predict that the Metaverse will be a fully functioning economy in a few years, with synchronous digital experiences as ubiquitous as email and social networking. 

Virtual reality, streaming video, mobile games, avatars, and artificial intelligence are all combined in each phase. These days, a simple name and profile description aren’t enough, especially during this digital revolution era. The intent behind creating an online avatar is to give users a safe way to become early adopters of this potentially new type of technology and make the most of their digital presence.

Novatar — The first-ever aging NFTs

Novatar, a newly launched NFT project providing users with distinct and rare NFT avatars for the social and metaverse worlds,  is setting out to change the current paradigm, for it aims to deliver an avatar that truly resembles its owner. The idea behind Novatar is to give a personal touch to be a virtual entity and go natural about the entire concept. 

As the Novatar ages and matures, it will endure and demonstrate various physical changes. Blockchain dynamics allow an avatar’s development into an adult or its preservation as a newborn. This aging NFT feature where a baby NFT Novatar transforms into a mature adult is an industry-first feature and sets Novatar apart from its rivals. Users will be able to create a new Meta identity with the help of these Novatars. Every individual in the virtual world will identifi exclusively by their Novatar, which has a profession and a high-quality design.

Each Novatar will be unique (thanks to artificial intelligence and blockchain) as in the real world. One cannot generalize about any of them since they are all distinct. Exactly Novatars will generate 25K Avatars, with unique facial expressions, futuristic clothing, and design.

Because of the wide diversity of genetic variations among Novatars, they exhibit a wide range of distinguishing characteristics. Each newborn avatar has nine essential/basic genes in its DNA. Ten out of the fourteen adult Novatar genes are essential, while the other four are optional.

Novatars may be homo or heterosexual, much as in the real world. 

Additionally, the Novatars are also tickets to online and offline events for the NFT holders. The project team will organize four key events, and holders are invited to attend any or all of them. The event’s subject content, venue, and date will be made public soon

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