New NFT Collection The Lonely Elephants Announced The Introduction Of 10,000 Unique NFTs

The Lonely Elephants is an upcoming NFT collection that boasts 10,000 unique NFTs for users. 


The Lonely Elephants is an upcoming NFT collection that consists of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. It will soon be available on Open sea.


10,000 lonely elephants were rescued from the darkest places in the world. Now, these elephants are looking for love, care, and affection. They want a family.


The main character of the NFTs is a sad-looking small elephant. The founders of this upcoming NFT collection are based in Germany in the city of Giessen.


The USP of the Lonely Elephant Holders will get exclusive access to drops, raffles, special offers, a secret website area, and a secret upcoming clothing brand. The NFT will be a part of a clothing brand that will collaborate with a reputed brand.


The collection has been designed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Hence, one can get the best-designed NFTs from this platform. These professionals also check so that the security of the NFT holders is highlighted.


Speaking about the new NFT, the founder said, “It is extremely sad to be a lonely human being. Lonely individuals suffer so much. And it is even sad to be a lonely elephant. When life gives you the chance to make NFTs, then make Elephant NFTs and help the lonely elephants.”


There will be a collection-based WebGame on the website, and the holder of the first place will get exclusive game presents.


This new NFT collection will be launched in mid-June.


For more information, visit:


Instagram @thelonelyelephants

Twitter @TLElephants


 Media Contact

Name: The Lonely Elephants

Contact: Felix Volk



City: Giessen

State: Hessen

Country: Germany


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