New Memecoin Raises Over $4.4M in Presale has surpassed Arbitrum’s Popularity


Finding the cash cows in the volatile crypto market is not an easy task. Although the best altcoins should deliver quick growth over a short period of time, which makes them appealing to the investing community, finding these projects is a time-consuming task. 

However, a new project called DigiToads is getting all the attention right now – this ground-breaking meme coin has raised more than $4.4 million in its presale and is outranking established cryptos like Arbitrum, climbing higher and higher on the top ERC20 tokens list.

DigiToads Raises Over $4.4M and Gains Investors’ Trust

DigiToads is rapidly rising in the crypto world as a utility-rich system. Although it is a meme coin, it doesn’t share the drawbacks of such projects – such as lack of value or purpose. DigiToads has multiple use cases attracting investors from all over the world and making a buzz in the media as one of the most successful presales so far.

One of the most interesting features is the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. Populated by digital toads, the Swamp is an immersive virtual world where you can explore the environment, interact, and level up your character to win gaming competitions. 

The best players receive TOADS as rewards, but monthly airdrops ensure that all TOADS holders receive their slice of the pie, regardless of their gaming skills. The fair system is designed so that all the revenue from selling in-game items benefits all holders: the top 25% of players will receive 50% of the revenues, and the remaining players will receive 10% of the revenues. 

A rare feature among P2E games is the trading contests. The platform will host competitions where skilled traders can prove their worth. The goals of these trading competitions are to improve trading volumes on the platform, leading to enhanced token value for all holders, and to reward active traders by providing them with 10% of the profit on their trades.

Although there are many ways of collecting TOADS tokens and enhancing your portfolio, long-term investors shouldn’t worry about inflation. The system contains token-burning events that will decrease the alt coins’ supply in the future, which essentially makes TOADS a deflationary token. 

This unique blend of features and earning opportunities is what makes DigiToads unique in the crypto world. With a prosperous internet community, the project currently enjoys huge popularity and has gained the trust of many investors, raising more than $4.4 million. 

One of the reasons underpinning the confidence of the investing community is the “doxxed” team – which means the devs made their identities public. Also, the project has been audited to ensure there are no security or safety flaws. 

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Arbitrum’s Repetitive Exploits Reveal Network Weaknesses

Interest in Arbitrum has been diluting lately, topping the charts as one of the main losers this month. Its weakness succeeds the recent loss of $7.5 million in an exploit based on the lack of slippage control. Jimbos, the Arbitrum protocol that was hacked, allowed the exploiter to pocket $7.5 million, or about 4,000 ether. 

Even more importantly, this incident is not a one-time event for Arbitrum. Only a few days before this, on the 19th of May, another hack resulted in a loss of $3 million after a rug pull. 


Undoubtedly, a good reputation is key in the financial markets. After all, there is no benefit of investing in a project susceptible to rug pulls and hacks that devoid it of millions of dollars. DigiToads has established itself as a trustworthy alt coin designed to protect and grow investors’ funds in a myriad of ways, ranging from passive income opportunities to active trading competitions and play-to-earn gaming, all features audited by one of the most popular and well-established firms in the industry. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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