New Meme Coin Proves to be an Investors Gold Mine as PEPE, FLOKI & Shiba Inu’s Popularity Decline

PEPE, FLOKI & Shiba Inu

2023 started on a positive note for the international crypto market with meme coins being one of its biggest gainers. These meme-inspired digital assets are fast evolving as crypto users’ go-to options, all thanks to their growth-oriented models. Take the example of DigiToads (TOADS) which is an Ethereum-powered meme coin and has made impressive strides in its presale growth. Despite the various ups and downs that the market saw in the past few months, DigiToads has maintained its momentum even as many popular alternatives like Pepe coin, Floki, and Shiba Inu saw their hype fading. 

DigiToads: Exploring the wonders of hybrid DeFi

Despite being in its presale stage, DigiToads has managed to find a spot for itself in leading analysts’ best cryptocurrency ico lists. The cryptocurrency’s key USP is its economic framework that amalgamates the utility of three cryptocurrencies — a meme coin, a stake-to-earn portal, and a Web 3.0 game. The platform enables its users to access multiple opportunities like staking, trading tokens, earning crypto tokens in Web 3.0 games, and becoming skilled traders by participating in trading competitions, among others.

DigiToads has also rolled out a native token that’s called TOADS and it’s the primary cryptocurrency of the network. The token can be bought on presale, which is currently in its ninth stage. With a per unit price of 0.047 USD, the TOADS token does not have any vesting period. The total supply of the TOADS token has been capped at 585 million.

Another notable feature of the platform is its play-to-earn game where players can look forward to winning TOADS tokens as prizes and an exciting gameplay that will keep them hooked to the game. The game doesn’t have a single winner. Instead, the top 25% of the scorers of a season – (which is a month long) are announced as winners and rewarded with TOADS tokens.

To end up on the winning side, players have to tackle challenges in a digital swamp while competing with other players. 

To gain leverage, they can purchase or trade a digital creature called DigiToad, which is supposed to possess special powers and unparalleled strength. So, any time you are stuck in the game, you can depend on your DigiToads to rescue you. You can also purchase food, potions, and training equipment to make your DigiToad stronger than your competitors.

Here’s what experts are saying about Pepe Coin’s prospects

Pepe Coin is a leading meme token that’s inspired by memes on ‘Pepe, the frog’ – a cartoon character created by Matt Furie a few years ago. The cryptocurrency project has a native token that’s called PEPE and is used for any transactional purpose that one might encounter on the network. One of the key factors that have enabled the meme coin to draw more users is its no-tax policy. Users don’t have to pay any transaction tax on the Pepe Coin network. Though the PEPE token has seen some positive price action in the past few weeks, analysts remain neutral on its prospects.

Floki Inu bags listing on WOO X

Called one of the altcoins to watch out for in 2023, Floki Inu has been developed by fans and community members of the Shiba Inu meme coin. It’s also one of the most-traded cryptocurrencies globally because of its utility-centric native token FLOKI. Floki Inu’s flagship projects include its NFT gaming Metaverse called ‘Valhalla’ and an entire range of cutting-edge DeFi products that were launched under the ‘FlokiFi’ umbrella. The meme coin recently hit the headlines after the leading crypto exchange WOO X announced its decision to list the FLOKI token on its platform.

Shiba Inu to roll out new service for Shibarium

Shiba Inu is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the market today and it can be credited to boosting the trend of dog-themed cryptocurrencies. The meme coin is inspired by viral memes based on a Japanese dog breed. Its native token is SHIB and it’s the main crypto coin on the network. The Shiba Inu team is working on developing a Metaverse which would function as a Layer 2 blockchain pivoting around NFTs and would be called the Shibarium. Shiba Inu recently hit the headlines by announcing a new service that would link real-world assets to NFTs and help users prove their ownership in Shibarium.


If you are ever confused about what cryptos to buy now, the above-mentioned tokens can be good options to choose from. These cryptocurrencies are packed with features that are utility-dense and are built on robust security frameworks. However, if you ask analysts about which of these are ideal for long-term growth, most of them would point you towards DigiToads. The hybrid DeFi token equips you with multiple opportunities that can boost your passive earnings and help you build a long-term income source. Analysts feel that the TOADS token even has the potential to jump by 30x over the next few months.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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