New Irish E-Scooter Legislation Welcomed by Green Electric Scooters

Irish electric scooter legislation is coming after the Irish government approved a new Road Traffic Bill which legislates, for the first time, the use of e-scooters and e-bikes on Irish roads.

Cormac Reynolds of  Green Electric Scooters told us that they welcome the news and await the details of the legislation. We’re not certain as to what the exact details will be though we can hazard a guess.

The likelihood is Irish electric scooter legislation will likely mirror that of other European countries. This will mean that we should expect to see electric scooters follow the requirements below.

  • 25kmph speed limit
  • Variable speed limit in busier areas
  • Possibly a 250w cap on motor size
  • Legal requirements for helmets unlikely as it limits shared scheme usage
  • It’s possibly like there will be a minimum age of usage of 16+
  • Ban on cruise control
  • No requirement for tax or insurance

These are merely informed guesses at the legislation, which we welcome and we wait to see the particulars.  We just need a framework for them to be used responsibly as they are in many other European countries, Cormac Reynolds of Green Electric Scooters told us.

The Republic is among the last EU member state to legislate for e-scooters. In a country such as Ireland where there are serious transportation issues and problems with congestion. This means many commuters waste hours due to delays – in this instance electric scooters and micro mobility answer a big question.

Additionally, the green benefits of electric scooters are immense. The fact that they’re also emissions free is of huge benefit in terms of improving air quality in urban areas. We’ve been encouraged to invest in electric care. However, though greener they don’t improve congestion and also require a significantly greater amount of raw materials to produce than an electric scooter or electric bike and in turn have a far higher green production cost comparatively.

The Green electric scooter is a great option for those looking to commute in and around the urban. With 68% of all trips under five miles and 23% of all trips under one mile, there is a lot to be said for using other means than the car to travel and get from A to B.

Overall legislation is a positive thing, though we still need to wait to see the exact details. The government may have these completed before the new year, but we will have to wait and see what transpires.


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