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New crypto trading data analytics platform with revolutionary features: Interview with Eliran Ouzan, CEO of Coinscan (CryptoHub)

In this TechBullion interview, we talk about the future of DeFi and crypto trading with Eliran Ouzan, the Chief Executive Officer of, a new charting platform for crypto traders. Coinscan wants to change the game of data analytics and create almost a Bloomberg terminal, but for the crypto industry. The platform has a lot of blockchains integrated and some innovative features like scam checker, buy/sell tax information, audits, and auto-refreshing token data.

Q: Please tell us more about yourself and your background?

A: I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Cryptohub, responsible for strategy, vision and operating execution at the core of the organization. As a serial entrepreneur, I have successfully grown companies from the ground up. Over the past 20 years I have founded and invested in several businesses. I started out as a Web designer, aged 12 and by 15 I had developed several platforms to generate passive income. My expertise includes marketing, SEO, PPC and growing affiliate programs at scale. I believe in the power of big data and has championed the use of algorithms and data to create large scale product offerings. For me, the community aspect of the crypto sector is ready for a comprehensive suite of products offered via Crypto Hub and I aim to provide the tools needed to drive the wider crypto economy, starting with Coinscan. 

Q: The recent rise in regulatory scrutiny on cryptocurrencies has been a prominent topic in the industry. How is Coinscan addressing compliance and regulatory challenges, and what measures are in place to ensure user security and privacy in this changing environment?

A: Well the recent regulatory scrutiny is something imperative to the longevity of crypto and should finally help shift the sentiment around the industry really. Regulatory questions many companies in the industry have aren’t exactly a yes or no, but CoinScan has worked with specialists across the world to follow the best practices, and adjust to the daily changes.

Q: One of Coinscan’s fundamental convictions is to provide the best platform and data possible for all users, even free ones. Can you elaborate on how this approach aligns with the company’s vision and long-term sustainability, especially in a competitive market that seems to charge for everything these days?

A: Because crypto is such a new industry, the delivery of data in ways that everyday users can understand and use effectively is seemingly very rare and usually behind a paywall on most platforms. CoinScan is all about enabling users to see crypto as it is, and to charge for data that every single user should have access to would not just be undermining us, but the industry as whole.

One of Coinscan’s core beliefs is that even free users who can not afford premium tools should have access to the best and most accurate data possible. We believe that this should be the industry standard and why the most essential features of Coinscan are free. 

For users who want to go a step further and have access to powerful features and unique tools, we will provide an option to access them at a later stage of the platform’s development as we introduce them.

Q: Coinscan’s launch comes at a time when decentralized finance (DeFi) is gaining traction. How does the platform accommodate and support the growing DeFi community, and what potential do you see in this sector for the future?

A: What’s interesting is how much social data plays a part in DeFi. From project links, to social sentiment, the interpersonal relations and noise are just as important as technology itself. To that end, CoinScan places a major emphasis on users being able to have a say in the platform through updating project information, suggesting new features, and ultimately living up to the essential pillar of community in DeFi.

Q: The recent $6.3 million fundraising round for Coinscan is a significant milestone. Can you share insights on how this capital infusion will be deployed to enhance the platform’s offerings and further its mission in the crypto space?

A: The industry changes quickly. The recent funding round will ensure CoinScan the flexibility and firepower needed to make a difference in an ever changing industry.

Q: Security and transparency are paramount in the cryptocurrency world. How does Coinscan ensure the integrity of data and protect users from potential threats like phishing attacks and scams?

Transparency is at the heart of CoinScan, and is the primary reason behind the development of several of our tools. Regarding user data, we don’t guard any information that would be deemed sensitive. In terms of threats in the greater cryptocurrency market our goal is to provide a platform that enables users to clearly identify any threats in real-time and act accordingly.

Coinscan also has several educational blogs and tutorials on our platform to help new users coming into crypto avoid those exact threats like phishing attacks, scams, honeypots, and even articles discussing how to spot and avoid them in the first place. We believe in a very proactive approach to user safety and education is where it all starts.

Q: The emergence of multi-chain platforms is reshaping the crypto landscape. Can you provide insights into how Coinscan navigates the complexities of multiple blockchains and ensures seamless user experience across different chains?

A: Our team of experts closely monitors the developments within each blockchain network to ensure compatibility and reliability. We also invest heavily in research and development to stay at the forefront of this transformative shift.

Q: As a future leader in the industry, what are your thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency adoption and its potential impact on traditional financial systems? How do you envision Coinscan’s role in this transformative process?

A: The future holds immense potential for cryptocurrency adoption, with the potential to revolutionize traditional financial systems. Coinscan envisions playing a pivotal role in this transformative process by providing user-friendly tools and resources that empower individuals to engage with crypto confidently and responsibly.

Q: Looking ahead, what key milestones and developments can the crypto community expect from Coinscan in the coming months? Are there any exciting partnerships or initiatives on the horizon that you’d like to share?

A: In the coming months, the crypto community can anticipate significant milestones from Coinscan. While I cannot divulge specific details at this moment, we are actively exploring exciting partnerships and initiatives that will further enhance the user experience and solidify Coinscan’s position as a leading player in the crypto charting space. Stay tuned for updates on these developments.

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