New Collaborative Game ‘SOUL Fusers’ Launching This Summer on PlayMining with Multiple Partnerships

New Collaborative Game ‘SOUL Fusers’ Launching This Summer on PlayMining with Multiple Partnerships

PlayMining is teaming up with a number of third parties to support the upcoming launch of SOUL Fusers, a game which revolves around the concept of collaborating with the public in various ways. The partnerships will focus on expanding the IP and promoting social impact.

PlayMining, a GameFi platform operated by Singapore-based game developer Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), is gearing up for a big game launch with a number of ambitious collaborations. Play-and-Earn (P&E) game “SOUL Fusers” will launch on PlayMining this summer with numerous projects in place to expand the new intellectual property (IP) at a rapid pace.

In SOUL Fusers, players will battle teams of monster “SOULs” against each other, with the last team standing taking home the winnings—in this case, DEAPcoin ($DEP). The game is free to play, but stronger SOULs can also be purchased as NFTs on the PlayMining NFT marketplace. SOULs can also be upgraded, allowing for complex and varied teams to be built.

SOUL Fusers will join the PlayMining game catalog of six other popular game titles on a platform that boasts over 2.7 million people worldwide. Let’s take a look at the collaborations that will support the SOUL Fusers launch:

Collab #1: The Public

According to SOUL Fusers Development Manager and CGO of PlayMining Satoshi Araragi, the SOUL Fusers IP is being developed in a way that is completely unique: by the players themselves via a collaborative creation project.

So far, users have been collaborating with the game developers on a Discord server to propose and vote on the names of monster SOUL NFTs. Name suggestions that are chosen will earn the proposing player DEP royalties from NFT sales. PlayMining is also exploring other ways to implement tokenomics into various other public collaborations in the future.

Collab #2: Game Media Publisher KADOKAWA Game Linkage

To build out the IP even more, PlayMining is teaming up with Tokyo-based KADOKAWA Game Linkage, a company that specializes in publishing content based on games, to adapt the SOUL Fusers game setting into an exciting manga comic book.

Two co-writers have already been named for the project—Ichiro Sakaki, writer of such manga and anime hits as “Chaika: The Coffin Princess” and “Outbreak Company: Moeru Shinryakusha” and (Fujimi Fantasia Bunko); and Toshihisa Kio (Elepante Ltd), a game scenario writer who has worked on game titles such as “Alice Gear Aegis CS: Concerto of Simulatrix” and “Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons”. The SOUL Fusers comic will launch on the project’s website and/or as an ebook this summer.

Collab #3: Content Creators

DEA has also announced another upcoming project named “SOUL Mates”, which will see the company team up with third-party manufacturers who create non-game content. The type of content they are looking for has not yet been stated—more information about the SOUL Mates project (and any initial collaborations) is expected to be released soon.

Collab #4: Social Impact Organizations

PlayMining is also very keen to team up with companies that promote social impact to further DEA’s goal of “Gamefi-for-Good”, and has launched the SOUL Friends project toward this aim. This project will see PlayMining collaborate with companies that contribute to solving social problems by sponsoring IP creation events (such as monster SOUL naming) with the social good organization earning DEP royalties to further their charitable mission.

The first SOUL Friends partnership was with “CHANG Child Foundation of Asia”, an organization that helps disadvantaged children across Southeast Asia. For the event, a number of children from an elementary school in Laos and an orphanage in Thailand helped choose the names for official SOUL Fusers monsters. PlayMining will release a limited edition series of NFTs this summer featuring the children playing with the SOULs they named, which can be used in the SOUL Fusers game.

DEA is also actively looking for more partnerships to connect with their SOUL Friends initiative, and has turned to the public for suggestions on the SOUL Fusers Discord server. Collaboration proposals that get accepted will earn DEP rewards.

To receive the latest updates about PlayMining, DEA and SOUL Fusers, visit their websites and follow them on social media.

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