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New Chapter for INTOverse’s Social Mining: Keep Innovating, Ieading the Trend!

Recently, INTOverse’s “social mining” and “earning tokens effortlessly” have been two of the most frequently mentioned keywords in the Web3 industry. INTOverse is a Web3 community management solution that integrates a Web3 encrypted wallet, digital identity, and AI assistance. The goal of INTO’s social mining is to revolutionize the traditional mining model by enabling users to enjoy social interactions while gaining physical rewards.

According to public data, since the start of its closed beta on May 9th, INTOverse has not only experienced rapid user growth but also witnessed highly active social interactions. As of May 21st, within just two weeks, its DAU has surpassed 10,083, with an increased number of 5,927 new users per day, and the total number of distributed messages has exceeded 100 million.

Social interaction is an essential activity in the internet world, so INTOverse innovatively created this social game, earning while chatting, where socializing equates to computational power. INTOverse consistently optimizes its mechanisms to maximize the efficiency of social mining and user earnings. The more interactions, the higher the user’s social weight and allocation of INTOverse tokens (TOX). Additionally, INTOverse prioritizes user experience and service, providing a one-stop mining service, where users can start mining with one click. In the meantime, INTOverse also has a professional customer support team to provide users with technical assistance and service around the clock.

In traditional social mining, users often need to manually transfer their digital assets to their wallets. However, with INTOverse, users can directly manage their digital assets. Which made it a more convenient and safe choice for users.

INTOverse has also designed a complete economic model set where users receive token rewards during social mining. These tokens can be used for platform staking, NFT minting, online marketing, and other functional services. This team is continuing to develop and expand numerous ecological scenarios, particularly in the economic model of platform staking. This will greatly consume the circulating supply of INTOverse tokens (TOX) and accelerate deflationary destruction, leading to a continuous increase in TOX value and making TOX legendary.

INTOverse aims to create a global, diverse, and common-shared social ecosystem. To achieve this goal, it provides users with many exciting features such as group chats, one-on-one chats, and Moments (similar to a social feed) and wholeheartedly supports community ecosystem development. INTOverse’s highly inclusive communities allow users to exchange ideas and share experiences freely. It not only stimulates user engagement but also enables users to gain more profits. Additionally, INTOverse will explore and introduce more blockchain application scenarios, providing more people with a channel to experience the charm of blockchain technology.

INTOverse has not only brought a new social experience to the blockchain community but also pioneered a fresh approach to mining in the crypto world. Its significant DAU will attract numerous ecosystem developers to join INTOverse, leading to rapid growth both in the ecosystem and user base, creating a win-win result for all.

It is evident that INTOverse has continuously innovated itself and led the trend of social mining. Now, it has become a leading player in the field of social mining, which provided users with experiences and profits beyond their expectations. We believe that in the future, INTOverse will present us with a new Web3 world, where full of possibilities and opportunities.

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