New Battery Innovation From HomeGrid Will Enable Solar Power For The Masses

Right now, millions of households are asking some questions: Shall we move off the Grid? How much does it cost to go solar? What is the most reliable system to use? These questions are not just asked in the U.S. but also across the world. Energy inflation is real and it is urgent to many.

In the realm of renewable energy, one company stands as a beacon of innovation, poised to transform the landscape of solar energy usage for households across the world. Founded in 2019, HomeGrid has emerged as a force in the battery industry. With its novel, highly scalable battery systems and an ethos of continuous innovation, HomeGrid is set to democratize solar energy, making it accessible and practical for the masses.

The Unique Value Proposition: Modular, Scalable Battery Systems

At the heart of HomeGrid’s game-changing approach are its modular, scalable battery systems. Imagine the simplicity of a child playing with LEGO bricks, building and adapting structures with ease. This intuitive model is the foundation of HomeGrid’s battery systems. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, their solutions are perfect for powering a whole home or simply offering a backup energy source for emergencies.

John, a responsible homeowner in an area susceptible to regular power blackouts due to extreme weather conditions, discovered the ultimate solution for uninterrupted power with HomeGrid’s highly dependable system. As luck would have it, during a severe storm that caused a widespread power outage, John’s home continued to supply power, showcasing the unwavering reliability and resilience of HomeGrid’s cutting-edge battery system. With HomeGrid’s innovative technology safeguarding his property, John can now enjoy uninterrupted power supply even during the most challenging weather events.

How Acquisition by Lithion Battery Unlocked New Growth Opportunities

In 2021, HomeGrid was acquired by Lithion Battery, a strategic move that accelerated its growth and further solidified its position in the battery storage market. Lithion Battery has been in the business for over 30 years, delivering electrification solutions for numerous products in a variety of end markets and applications. They produce reliable, domestically manufactured cells and battery modules in a range of chemistries, including lithium iron phosphate (LFP).

Differentiating Between the Compact and Stack’d Series

HomeGrid offers two distinctly designed solutions to cater to varying customer needs: the Compact and the Stack’d series. The Compact series is designed for homeowners looking for a small, sleek battery system, while the Stack’d series caters to those who need a scalable, modular solution for powering their entire household.

These battery systems are designed to be paired with a solar panel system. When solar panels produce excess energy during the day, the surplus can be stored in the HomeGrid battery system. Later, during peak hours or when the solar panels aren’t generating enough power, homeowners can draw on the stored energy in the battery.

HomeGrid Battery Features: An In-depth Look

HomeGrid batteries boast a range of features that set them apart from other offerings in the market. These include the size of the battery (power and capacity), its chemistry, depth of discharge, and roundtrip efficiency.

HomeGrid’s Compact series offers 5.12 kWh of usable capacity, while the Stack’d series ranges from 9.6 to 38.4 kWh, depending on the number of modules installed. They utilize lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry, a highly reliable lithium-ion battery technology known for its high power rating and safety. These batteries also have a depth of discharge of 100 percent, meaning they can use their entire stored capacity safely. Their roundtrip efficiency stands at a solid 98 percent.

The Warranty and Availability of HomeGrid Batteries

HomeGrid batteries come with a 10-year or 4,000-cycle warranty. HomeGrid guarantees that the battery will maintain at least 60 percent of its capacity to hold a charge during this time. Moreover, availability is not an issue with HomeGrid. They maintain a large inventory of Stack’d batteries, typically ready for shipping within a week.

The Cost and Financial Incentives for HomeGrid Batteries

HomeGrid battery systems range in price from $4,500 to $17,500, not including installation costs. Combined with a solar energy system, the costs can range between $9,000 and $15,000. Despite the initial investment, homeowners can see considerable cost savings over time, especially given the financial incentives provided by several states to reduce the cost of home energy storage installations.

Empowering Users with Grid Independence

The true power of HomeGrid batteries extends beyond just the capabilities of their batteries. These modular storage systems also offer users the freedom to live independently from traditional power grids. This grid independence becomes increasingly important in times of escalating energy costs and frequent power outages.

Susan, a resident of California where wildfires often lead to extensive power shutdowns, was able to continue her daily routine uninterrupted with her HomeGrid battery system. When her neighbors suffered through blackouts, her Stack’d battery system kept her lights on, and her refrigerator running.

The Environmental Impact of HomeGrid Batteries

By enabling more homeowners to switch to solar power, HomeGrid’s batteries also contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions. Solar power is a clean, renewable source of energy that helps combat climate change and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. HomeGrid’s high-capacity battery systems make solar power a more practical, reliable option, allowing users to store solar energy generated during the day for use at night or during periods of high power demand.

Aiding Disaster Recovery with Reliable Power

HomeGrid’s batteries are also a vital tool for disaster recovery. In regions prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods, power can be knocked out for extended periods. A HomeGrid battery system, paired with a solar panel installation, can provide a reliable source of power in these emergencies, helping families keep their lights on, their food refrigerated, and their essential devices charged.

How HomeGrid Batteries Integrate with Solar Systems

HomeGrid batteries are designed to integrate seamlessly with most solar power systems. This integration offers users the ability to monitor and manage their solar power generation, storage, and usage. Homeowners can see at a glance how much power their solar panels are generating, how much energy is being stored in their HomeGrid battery, and how much they are using. This level of visibility allows homeowners to optimize their energy usage and even sell excess power back to the grid where regulations allow.

Influence on Market Competition and Battery Technology Development

HomeGrid’s disruptive battery technology has stimulated competition in the battery market, leading to rapid advancements in energy storage solutions. As other companies strive to match or exceed the capabilities of HomeGrid’s battery systems, consumers are likely to benefit from improved products and falling prices in the future.

A Real Alternative In A Crowded Market:

Amidst market competition with renowned brands such as Generac’s PWRcell EX, Fortress eFlex 5.4, Sonnen Core, Ford’s F-150 Lightning, SunPower’s SunVault, LG Chem Battery, Tesla, as well as Panasonic’s EVERVOLT 2.0, HomeGrid has distinguished itself as a trusted choice for thousands of Americans. With its innovative approach to solar energy storage, using readily available, safe, and long-lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, HomeGrid is proving to be a cost-effective and reliable alternative. It’s this blend of innovation, value, and trust that gives HomeGrid its edge in the solar power industry.

Final Take:

Opting for solar power and stepping off the grid with HomeGrid’s innovative energy storage solutions presents a remarkable opportunity for homeowners. This choice not only equates to substantial financial savings over time but also marks a significant stride towards embracing renewable energy. HomeGrid’s pioneering products are more than just a cog in the wheel; they symbolize the dawn of an energy revolution. With their groundbreaking technology and commitment to sustainability, HomeGrid is at the forefront, steering the shift towards solar power, one home at a time. The advent of solar is not a distant dream, but an attainable reality, and HomeGrid is poised to guide this transformation.

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