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Camo webcam app for Smartphones

Reincubate Releases Android Version of its popular Camo webcam app for Smartphones

Reincubate’s latest version of its signature app, Camo launched today with support for Android devices, bringing the high-end webcam capabilities previously only available for iPhones to a whole new market.

Camo for Android is a free app designed to allow users to use their smartphone’s camera as a webcam for video conferencing and streaming to social platforms.  

And true to Reincubate’s commitment as an advocate for consumer privacy, the app uses no advertising in its free version – nor does the enterprise tap third party data insights for any marketing.

Reincubate CEO Aidan Fitzpatrick noted that there has been a surge of interest in the app from Android users, which he has not found surprising, as Camo has been globally well-received during its macOS and iOS launches.

Camo is available as a free download here from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and from the Reincubate website.  An explanatory video details how to use the app, here.

Smartphone Webcams

Why Smartphones as Webcams

The capabilities of smartphone cameras exceed the abilities of even the newest webcams, so harnessing smartphones as affordable, effective and convenient webcams for a landscape of hybrid workers and far-flung families makes sense.

 The app essentially provides a control panel to access the features and effects which will allow people to put their best face forward during online streams and video calls – at near-DSLR image quality.

Multiple Options

With the beta app, users can control their smartphone camera remotely from their Mac or PC. The controls allow for the adjustment of a wide array of mechanical effects, such as zoom, crop, tilt, focus, and pan control, while also giving access to technical controls, like brightness, resolution, and color saturation. There are options for custom watermarks, valuable for company branding needs. 


It is also compatible with well-established productivity and videoconferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more.

Android Support

Reincubate currently offers support for Apple and Android devices dating back to 2016, 7 Nougat and above. Portrait mode is not available yet, but developers tell me it is coming. 

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