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New Announcement for FINAD CENTER members

To all FINAD CENTER members. We thank you for your trust and companionship.

We would like to inform all of you that up to now, FINAD CENTER globally has won nearly 5,000 members. And that’s a great result, after just over a month of development.

At this stage, we started to focus on global marketing strategy. And you’ll see that in the near future.

We would like to announce.

All the IDs registered to FINAD CENTER system, Please join at least $ 100, to get the right to use it permanently.

All IDs registered before August 31, 2020, that have not participated in the company’s investment plan, will be blocked at 9 a.m. on 15th of every month.

We are very sorry about this but it is necessary to ensure FINAD CENTER future.

The FINAD Support Team

Finad Centre Website $$$ ICO SELLING FTCC $$$

– Block 1: Sell 4 million FTCC at $ 0.5 / 1 FTCC
– Block 2: Sell 6 million FTCC for 0.7 $ / 1 FTCC
– Block 3: Sell 9 million FTCC at 0.9 $ / 1 FTCC
– Block 4: Selling 11 million FTCC at 1.3 $ / 1 FTCC
– Block 5: Sell 6 million FTCC at the price of 1.5 $ / 1 FTCC.

Note : Block 5 is for people who have purchased FTCC from Block 1 to Block 4, will be sold 20% of the amount of FTCC they bought and sold by switching from your ID to another ID.

– When Block 5 is sold out, all remaining FTCCs will be transferred to the APP wallet
– Commission can withdraw Ethereum and FTCC (If commission is withdrawn by FTCC, then withdraw to wallet on APP)

* ICO sale: 27.5% = 30 million FTCC
* Affiliate fee to sell: 7% = 7.7 million FTCC
* Development team: 10% = 11 million
* Mining open source: 55% (miners) + Decentralised autonomous governance

We believe that a community-driven autonomous governance model can adequately fulfill the needs of the FinBock (FTC) community, ensuring the efficiency of decision-making, and creating a more sustainable and inclusive development environment.

+ PoW+PoS hybrid mechanism

Under the hybrid Pow + PoS consensus mechanism, all PoW-generated blocks must be verified by PoS miners in order to join the blockchain. Having both miners and stakeholders participating in block production eliminates the possibility of hashpower monopoly to a great extent, while ensuring the security of the network.

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