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New AI Assisted Tool Makes GoSkills A Top Choice Among LMS Providers

In a new update, online education platform GoSkills has launched Genie, an AI-assisted course creation tool. This propelled the GoSkills LMS to a new level among its peers.  After a successful beta testing, Genie is now ready for broader use. This tool provides HR and learning departments with the ability to create, administer, and optimize their courses efficiently, which could provide a notable benefit in the competitive eLearning field. 

These new developments had a profound impact on the ranking of LMS providers. It is fair to say that the pecking order in the industry changed as a result. 

6 Best LMS providers for elearning:

#1 GoSkills 

GoSkills stands at the forefront of LMS providers, partly attributed to its AI-empowered course assistant, Genie – as well as a range of other enviable factors. Genie greatly optimizes the course creation process, allowing users to formulate comprehensive, engaging courses in substantially less time than traditional methods demand. By leveraging AI, Genie molds to the specific requirements of each organization, delivering faster and more effective learning experiences. The proficiency of GoSkills in rapidly and effectively generating courses provides it a definitive advantage over other LMS providers. This makes it the premier option for those aspiring to maximize productivity and improve learning results.

In addition to its AI-enhanced capabilities, GoSkills also offers the following features:

  • A comprehensive course library featuring over 110 CPD-accredited courses taught by experts in the field.
  • A user-friendly, no-code course builder, empowering subject matter experts and L&D managers to create tailored learning content for their teams.
  • The course builder also includes a template gallery, which offers customizable, content-ready template courses for ease of use.
  • Genie’s built-in generative AI capabilities, which allow for the integration of generated content directly into the course builder.
  • Robust and detailed learning analytics and reporting, enabling organizations to track and improve learning outcomes effectively.

#2 LMS365 

LMS365 is a respected LMS provider that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365. It offers a range of features, including mobile learning, analytics, and course cataloging. However, it lacks AI-powered tools like GoSkills’ Genie, making the course creation process more time-consuming for authors and instructors. While it provides a robust platform for managing and delivering online courses, it doesn’t currently offer AI-enabled personalized learning experiences.

#3 360Learning 

360Learning stands out for its collaborative learning platform, allowing teams to create, share, and interact within the learning environment. Although it provides a feature-rich LMS that supports course creation, collaborative tools, and learner engagement, it does not utilize AI in its course creation process. As such, course authors and instructors may need to spend more time creating and managing courses compared to using an AI-powered system like GoSkills’ Genie.

#4 iSpring 

iSpring is known for its user-friendly interface and an extensive suite of authoring tools. It offers features like interactive assessments, dialogue simulations, and mobile learning. However, like LMS365 and 360Learning, it doesn’t incorporate AI in its course creation process. Therefore, while iSpring is an excellent tool for creating interactive and comprehensive courses, it may be more time-intensive for authors and instructors compared to AI-enhanced platforms.

#5 TalentLMS 

TalentLMS is a versatile LMS provider offering a customizable platform with features such as course authoring, learning path creation, and detailed reporting. However, it does not utilize AI for course creation or management, which means that it may require more effort and time from course authors and instructors. Despite its broad set of features, it may not offer the same level of efficiency and personalization as an AI-powered platform like GoSkills.

#6 Thinkific

Thinkific provides a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to create, market, and sell online courses. It offers a variety of features, including course design, student assessments, and sales and marketing tools. Yet, it lacks AI-enhanced capabilities for course creation, which means authors and instructors may find the process more labor-intensive compared to using an AI-assisted tool like GoSkills’ Genie. Despite its comprehensive features for course marketing and delivery, it doesn’t currently match the efficiency of AI-enabled course creation platforms. When compared to platforms like Udemy and Linkedin Learning, it is difficult to administer and has to be installed on a subdomain. 

Efficiency at play

Genie streamlines the course creation process, making it a more straightforward and interactive experience. Users need to specify the course’s subject, the intended audience, and the number of lessons. Then, Genie begins creating a comprehensive course title, description, an outline with individual lesson titles and summaries, and even a quiz.

What distinguishes Genie is its efficiency. The AI assistant can help build lessons in minutes, significantly reducing the time required compared to manual processes. This time-saving tool could potentially improve productivity and provide organizations a competitive edge. Overcoming Challenges with AI-Enabled Tools

Bhavneet Chahal, GoSkills co-founder and a significant contributor to Genie’s development, suggests that many LMS systems impose restrictions that can discourage trainers from creating satisfying learning experiences. Genie’s goal is to change this. Chahal argues, “Genie speeds up the course creation process to the extent that trainers can exceed targets, enhancing their own professional accomplishments and meeting organizational objectives.”

Chahal adds, “Before Genie’s launch, there were concerns about using AI for content creation, as it might undervalue personal skills and efforts. However, if used properly, AI tools can help generate high-quality content more quickly, and Genie validates this fact.” 

The AI Influence: Changing the eLearning Environment AI Enhancing The Elearning Course Design Process AI is having a substantial impact on the eLearning environment, changing how courses are designed and taken. With its ability to adapt to individual learning styles and preferences, AI is driving the trend towards personalized and efficient learning experiences. Machine Learning algorithms are aiding in the development of dynamic, interactive content tailored to each learner’s learning pace and style.

Furthermore, incorporating AI-powered tools like chatbots and virtual assistants into eLearning platforms improves real-time support and guidance, reshaping the learning journey. As we move into the age of AI influence, we’re seeing a complete reshaping of the eLearning environment.

 Adopting AI for a faster eLearning process with GoSkills

With the introduction of Genie, GoSkills is heralding a new age of AI-aided course creation, changing how learning materials are generated and how learners interact with them. “Genie’s AI capabilities allow for dynamic course creation that fits each organization’s unique needs, setting the stage for personalized learning experiences that increase engagement and enhance knowledge retention,” shared two trainers who tested the system during its beta phase.

Genie reflects GoSkills’ commitment to enabling organizations to manage their learning programs. By utilizing AI, HR and learning departments can swiftly adapt to changing learner needs, trends, and business goals. With Genie, education becomes personalized, adaptable, and data-driven, assisting organizations in navigating the era of digital learning. GoSkills: Compatibility for Diverse Learning Experiences

GoSkills also maintains a low technical entry barrier. Their Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to work with various technical standards used to monitor e-learning activities, including SCORM, xAPI, AICC, and CMI5, thereby providing a comprehensive approach to accommodate varied learning experiences.

Pioneering eLearning with AI-Enabled Course Design

GoSkills is changing the eLearning industry with its unique AI-assisted platform. Unlike competitors, GoSkills has harnessed AI to offer a personalized and efficient learning experience. Although platforms like LMS365, 360Learning, iSpring, TalentLMS, and Thinkific each have their unique features and strengths, none provide the same AI-driven course customization and efficiency as GoSkills. This positions GoSkills as a noteworthy alternative in the online learning platform marketplace.

AI and ML: The Catalysts for Personalized eLearning and AI-Powered Chatbots

A glimpse into the very near future of elearning is exciting. New research suggests that both students and staff will experience greater productivity thanks to AI in elearning.  AI and machine learning (ML) will also be transforming the eLearning landscape by enabling personalized learning paths. They provide adaptable experiences tailored to individual learner needs. One major development is the use of AI-powered chatbots, offering tailored resources based on each learner’s unique characteristics.

In the near future, it is realistic to envisage that these tools will not only compensate for the lack of real-time consultation in offline courses, but they also offer an unprecedented level of personalization. Designing a chatbot’s behavior and its source dictionary is complex, requiring advanced analytical algorithms and models to ensure personalized consultation aligns with learners’ needs.

In conclusion, the rise of AI in eLearning, embodied by tools like GoSkills’ Genie, signals a shift towards faster course creation. The next level analysts will watch for, would be more personalized and efficient learning experience. The advent of AI is redefining traditional educational models, paving the way for a future where education is specifically tailored to each learner’s needs.

With developments from AI-powered chatbots to bespoke learning paths, AI is undoubtedly shaping the future of the eLearning industry. As innovative platforms like GoSkills lead these transformative changes, we are moving towards a future where the full potential of eLearning can be realized.


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