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‘‘Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste’’ – Says TikTok Star Coach JV

Coach JV is one busy guy! The internet sensation / entrepreneur is currently running 9 companies and says he enjoys more freedom now than he ever did before. Coach JV, who became famous for his inspirational and informative TikTok videos, now has an audience of over 1 million people from all around the world. So what drives him to do so much?

In a recent interview with JV, he said ‘‘I am just hyper-focused on navigating my way through this crisis, and through this crisis I will take what they have created for us and turn it into generational wealth. We do know that the elite of the world do not let a crisis go to waste’’.

Coach JV tells us how his plan for creating wealth is based on not getting rich quick but getting wealthy for sure. He is implementing his plan through cryptocurrency, getting equity in innovative technology companies, using insurance as a hedge for legal protection, compiling silver as a hedge in case the US dollar collapses (which he believes may happen any day now) and simply focusing on business. 

Where Do You Find The Time To Run 9 Companies & Grow A 1 Million Person Following? 

Coach JV tells us he has two work days. He wakes up very early in the morning before the sun rises and he tells us he gets more done by 7am than most people do in a full day. He works until around 1pm and he then takes a break between 2-7pm with his son and he then has his second work day between 7pm – 9pm. 

‘‘I have more balance in my life now owning 9 companies than ever before and here is why. I realized that I cannot do it all by myself and I’ve become very good at building great teams. So I bring people in, give them freedom and put them into positions that best suit them. We have 27 team members and here is the key for building a great team: role clarity, accountability and freedom for every single team member. And also allowing them to have a share in the profits’’. 

Coach JV regularly shares tips on social media for how to make the best of any economic crisis and it seems his fans greatly appreciate his advice. We will be watching his progress. 


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