Nesten and Kastr create unique Web3 advertising solutions for mainstream

Nesten and Kastr create unique Web3 advertising

Nesten, Inc., a leader in next-gen community-based distributed communications infrastructure, has announced a partnership with Kastr, an interactive art curation ecosystem designed to connect digital assets and collections with physical displays.

Kastr and Nesten will leverage W3bstream, IoTeX’s cutting-edge decentralized compute infrastructure that has allowed them reduced go-to-market times and lower integration costs, in a use case validating IoTeX as the optimal architecture for Web2 companies to adopt Web3 benefits without the usual immense learning curves.

By combining Nesten’s innovative shared advertising platform and Kastr’s well-established relationships with top names in the luxury brand and fine arts spheres, such as Sotheby’s, economic viability and mainstream market demand for decentralized advertising and art display is demonstrated.

A New Avenue for Art and Advertising

In 2021, Nesten launched an interactive peer-to-peer advertising platform powered by its own decentralized multi-layer blockchain network, a platform and network perfectly suited to Kastr’s vision of helping users bridge the gap between traditional and digital media.

By leveraging the power of Nesten’s advanced technology—which now includes the G2 wireless node and 4K video capability for edge-computing display processing—with the ease and elegance of Kastr’s platform, individuals and businesses can create and curate truly customizable digital displays and experiences.

While Kastr offers a simple yet distinct way to display digital artwork in residential and commercial settings, connecting NFT and digital asset collectors and artists to an array of gallery-quality displays in real time, Nesten provides the wireless footprint and proven capabilities for enabling limitless on-demand wireless sharing opportunities, allowing users to upload and showcase their assets at a variety of public venues, from coffee shops to art galleries.

“Kastr is an artistic haven for NFT and art creators and collectors,” said Jorge Quintero, creator of Kastr, Inc. “By integrating our app with Nesten, our platform becomes the archetype for exceptional audio and video display on a broad scale.”

Using a direct payment system and automated scheduling capabilities—both completed via an app—Kastr users can purchase advertising space from display owners with Nesten’s NIT cryptocurrency and schedule or reserve their media playback time, duration, and frequency.

Artists, musicians, and other users can now upload, create, browse, and stream unique minted media from their smartphones, while individuals and enterprises can completely control and tokenize their digital advertising, ticketing, or art experience, deciding when and where they want to display their assets, and with which display hosts, for more targeted marketing campaigns.

“As we continue to expand on technology curves and network coverage, we seek to create compelling use cases in traditional industries by bringing together advanced infrastructure and blockchain technologies,” said Nesten CEO Dr. Andrew Baek.

“We’re excited about the potential to design a new ecosystem with Kastr for advertising, self-marketing, and messaging, one that will help solidify our user base and grow our network organically,” Dr. Baek added.

Solving the Problem of Profit Potential

The collaboration between Kastr and Nesten also offers a glimpse into the future of real-world possibilities for user-driven applications in cryptocurrency, NFTs, blockchain, and distributed communications.

In the past, conventional advertising and art distribution have been constrained by third-party POS, transaction fees, limited connectivity, and Web2’s inability to automate or monetize. However, with the introduction of Nesten’s innovative direct payment system, advertisers and artists can market directly to consumers and display space can be purchased with multiple specification levels.

Operating on Kastr’s platform within Nesten’s robust network architecture and secure, cost-efficient monetary ecosystem, asset owners can showcase their NFTs and digital files on-demand in high visibility areas at low cost while tokens remain safe in their digital wallets and displays generate monetary reimbursement for their owners. 

Display hosts and owners can maximize the profitability of limitless high-quality digital advertising spaces in stadiums, hotels, restaurants, and more. All transactions occur instantly and securely in the blockchain without intermediaries or overhead transaction fees.

Bringing Real-World Use Cases to Web3 with W3bstream

The partnership with Kastr represents Nesten’s first tokenomics use case since migrating from its Ethereum-based blockchain to IoTeX’s more scalable, secure and L|, EVM-compatible blockchain in efforts to build the world’s largest Web3 wireless network.

“We are excited to see traditionally Web2 companies such as Nesten and Kastr adopting our unique Web3 open-source technology and expand into this new space as they become aware of the benefits of relying on a highly scalable and secure solution,” said IoTeX CEO and Co-Founder Raullen Chai.

“Their success will be market validation of Web3 integration for other Web2 firms. It is also a testament to the benefits of building something people can actually use on a reliable L1 blockchain network like IoTeX,” Chai added.

Nesten and Kastr will leverage W3bstream, an off-chain compute infrastructure from IoTeX that enables developers to seamlessly connect smart devices to smart contracts for the first time. This unique chain-agnostic technology is powered by a decentralized network of community-hosted nodes that collect data from various smart devices and run application-specific business logic to generate verifiable Web3-compatible proofs.

These proofs of real-world activity can trigger blockchain applications to distribute digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, to users and drive open incentive models in a decentralized fashion.

As such, W3bstream unlocks tremendous opportunities for everyday people and businesses to monetize the data and resources from their smart devices. And for Nesten and Kastr, it enables and provides the ideal environment for shared advertising and art display.

“Now that we have implemented IoTeX’s cutting-edge technology into our node platform, we’re ready to expand our agility and evolutionary capabilities into avenues like shared advertising,” says Dr. Baek. “W3bstream has reduced our go-to-market time tenfold and we are more than pleased to see our collaborative efforts bearing fruit in user-driven scenarios. Introducing a crypto-based ecosystem to the mainstream public represents a significant shift for the entire Web3 space.”

With its signature smart screens already integrated with Web3, Kastr is a natural fit in Nesten’s commitment to providing users with a trusted network and the tools to optimize it. A proven provider of IoT networks and devices, the company remains resolute in sharing its vision of putting users at the center of the burgeoning data economy, expanding network accessibility, and refining the roadmap to meet consumer needs

About Nesten, Inc.

Nesten, Inc. is a privately-held company based in Irvine, California. The company specializes in IoT-optimized blockchains and communication networks that are reshaping the wireless landscape into one that places participants at the center of data generation, transmission, and sharing. With its rapid network expansion and growing portfolio of actionable use cases, Nesten remains at the forefront of innovation and development to effectively bring together Web2 and Web3 for engaging experiences.

About Kastr, Inc.

Kastr, Inc. is a privately-held company based in Venice Beach, California. Kastr is committed to empowering NFT artists and collectors to add a smart, personal touch to their digital artwork displays, bridging the gap between traditional and digital media in meaningful ways. It connects users to a wide array of custom display frames, making individuals the creators and curators of their own personalized NFT galleries from anywhere.

For more information on Nesten or to schedule a one-on-one meeting, reach out to our media contact provided below.

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