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Successful Raise for HyperCycle

NeoCortexAI, the groundbreaking AI and blockchain development company recently concluded a tremendously successful pre-sale raise for HyperCycle on its platform. HyperCycle, a pioneering project, is revolutionizing the concept of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) by creating an Internet of AIs. Investors saw an ROI of 11.6x at the ATH of the $HYPC token. NeoCortexAI keeps up the pump by launching another top tier AI project, Evolia Protocol.

Successful HyperGPT Raise

In addition to the successful raise for HyperCycle, NeoCortexAI honored their promise to bring only the best investment opportunities to their community with the recently completed successful raise for the up and coming AI project, HyperGPT.

HyperGPT represents a fusion of AI and Blockchain technologies, catering to the ever-growing demands of the AI market. With its decentralized nature, the platform allows for secure and transparent transactions, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing costs. Powered by AI, the marketplace incorporates an intelligent search engine that employs natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, enabling users to discover products and services effortlessly. Furthermore, smart contracts automate transactions, ensuring compliance with predefined terms while maintaining a traceable record of all activities.

NeoGuard Policy

NeoCortexAI’s launchpad takes investor protection and satisfaction seriously, which is why it has implemented the NeoGuard Policy as a refund policy. The NeoGuard Policy is live and applicable to all investment opportunities on the platform. This policy ensures that investors have a peace of mind and a safety net when participating in projects that are launching on NeoCortexAI. In the event that a project fails to meet predetermined milestones or faces unforeseen circumstances, eligible investors can take advantage of the NeoGuard Policy to request a refund of their investment. NeoCortexAI believes in transparency, accountability, and investor trust, and the NeoGuard Policy is a testament to their commitment to providing a secure and reliable investment environment.

NeoCortexAI Brain Center

NeoCortexAI has also introduced the start of their Brain Center, an exceptional product designed to provide users with the latest updates and insights on all things related to AI in the blockchain industry. As a comprehensive resource hub, the Brain Center offers a wealth of valuable information, including graph readings, articles, podcasts, videos, and more. Serving as the go-to platform for AI projects, the Brain Center offers a unique experience akin to Cointelegraph, but with a specific focus on the exciting world of AI. Users can access this invaluable resource directly on the NeoCortexAI website, as the Brain Center is now live and ready to provide enthusiasts, investors, and professionals with cutting-edge content and analysis. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of AI in the blockchain space with the NeoCortexAI Brain Center.


NeoCortexAI also provides staking protocols for the holders of their launchpad token, $CORAI, to maximize their earnings. It offers multiple staking pools to choose from with each pool having a different APY. Furthermore, NeoCortexAI has recently announced LP farming in collaboration with Ferrum Network. Holders can now participate in LP farming pools to maximize their passive earning with the $CORAI token. 

Further Developments

Following a conversation with the NeoCortexAI team, it is exciting to know that the team is diligently working on its range of innovative products, namely the AI Index Pool and AI Swap. These products exemplify NeoCortexAI’s commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to drive transformative change. The AI Index Pool is set to revolutionize the concept of index funds by utilizing advanced AI algorithms to curate and manage a diversified portfolio of AI-related assets. On the other hand, AI Swap aims to provide a cutting-edge decentralized exchange specifically tailored for AI projects and tokens, facilitating seamless transactions and fostering liquidity within the AI ecosystem. With their unwavering dedication and expertise, NeoCortexAI is poised to make a significant impact in the field of AI and blockchain, offering exciting opportunities for investors and enthusiasts alike. 


NeoCortexAI remains committed to pushing the boundaries of AI and blockchain innovation. With the success of HyperCycle’s raise and the promising prospects of Evolia Protocol and Orbofi AI, the company’s dedicated team is at the forefront of transformative change in the industry.

Join NeoCortexAI on an exhilarating journey toward a future where AI and blockchain technologies converge to redefine possibilities. Stay updated on their exciting projects and be part of the NeoCortexAI community, where innovation knows no bounds. Together, let’s shape the future of technology and revolutionize the world as we know it.

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