NELO to Launch the NELO Smart Chain (NSC) in Q3 2022, Plans to be a Major Player in the $1 Trillion Metaverse Market

Metaverse Market

When Mark Zuckerberg declared that Facebook was rebranding to Meta and focusing on the metaverse, the technology’s organic search exploded. At the same time, metaverse tokens like MANA surged to record highs. Interest continues to rise to this day as investment pour in from all corners. Meta’s Reality Labs is investing $10 billion to bring to life the elusive concepts of the metaverse, with plans to hire 10k experts in Europe alone.

The Metaverse is the Future

Overall, the metaverse market rose to $20 billion in 2020. However, Goldman Sachs’ analysts project the metaverse market size to eventually balloon to between $1 and $12 trillion in years to come. 

Despite the renewed efforts to tap on the potential of the metaverse, few projects are keen on creating a tailored platform to cater to the needs of global gamers. Aware of this gap, NELO is rebranding themselves and launched a new website on March 21, 2022 as they exclusively refocus on the metaverse. This is also ahead of the release of their whitepaper V1, set to be revealed to the public shortly after their rebrand.

NELO is Rebranding, NSC Set To Launch in Q3 2022

The decision to rebrand and launch a custom dedicated blockchain for the metaverse is data-driven and necessary. Existing blockchains are generic and designed to host all sorts of dApps regardless of their bandwidth requirements, intensity, or target audience. 

NELO will activate their mainnet – NELO Smart Chain (NSC) in Q3 2022. Preceding the NSC launch will be a series of testnets, allowing the global community to test the functionality of the NSC before its doors are officially opened to the public. 

Launching a Protocol Customized for Gaming

NELO is a protocol and framework for building and connecting equally vibrant EVM-compatible networks to overcome the scaling and high fees obstacles seen on other blockchains. At the center of NELO are the elements of speed, scalability, and security — distinguishing features the platform embraces as it plans to be the next leader in the multi-billion gaming and metaverse sectors. 

These are hallmark features that will set the blockchain apart as its focused team of talented developers, inspired by the creator of Binance and its ecosystem, Changpeng Zhao, plans to release a highly functional, fast and reliable base layer suitable for gamers exploring the world of GameFi and the metaverse.

NELO is tailored to meet users’ gaming needs with a comprehensive support system for all aspiring and even current builders. Fully equipped with open and free materials, the NELO ecosystem will assist developers to transform their vision, regardless of their complexity, into a reality achieved on a secure and vibrant base layer.

The Neloverse Game

During the early stages of planning and development of NELO’s initial game ‘Storm of War’, NELO discovered that they could create a blockchain that can provide their users with a faster and more reliable system in the crypto world for gamification and the metaverse. 

Their goal to enrich the gaming world with diverse games, NELO has partnered with a top game development company to develop Neloverse on top of NSC. Designed as a play-to-earn game, Neloverse is created to allow users to be incentivized while enjoying a brand new, invigorating and unique game experience. 

Focused on building a fresh and novel experience on Neloverse, collaborations with large fashion brands are underway to create a state-of-the-art experience for its gamers. LAND NFTs, a huge part of the Neloverse, are being offered to users for purchase as spaces that will enable these experiences.

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