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Nelle Mack’s Fairy Fantasy Harnesses the Power of Magic & Prophecies

Ancient Paths follows the journey of a young boy who is destined to bring the fairies back

Once upon a time, humanity lived in harmony with fairies – the magical creatures that we only read about in books now. Unfortunately, human beings became selfish and endangered the lives of the fairies, who then fled to a different dimension to protect their kind. 

According to an ancient prophecy, a young boy would be born on the Black Moon, and his destiny would be to bring the fairies back. And thus, we meet Faelan O’Broin, the lad born on a Black Moon. When he finds out that his destiny is to bring the fairies back from the land where they fled to seek refuge, he devotes himself to learning magic. He then assembles a group of three companions for the journey, each of whom has an important lesson to teach him.

Along the way, Faelan meets several magical beings who help him along his quest. He makes friends with gods and goddesses, wizards, plants, and animals, and picks up valuable knowledge from them.

At long last, Faelan arrives at the portal on the appointed date. Will he succeed in opening the portal and bringing the fairies back?

To find out, buy your copy of Ancient Paths in both paperback and ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Booklocker.

About the author

Aside from being a gifted author, Nelle Mack is a spiritual guide who teaches children, empaths, sensitive people, and star children how to use their spiritual gifts and healing energy. She had her awakening to the spiritual world in 2018, and as she learned more, she opened herself up as a channel for the divine. By drawing on this connection to the divine she’s helped others to harness protective and healing energy. 

Nelle has developed several healing techniques that she uses to transform people’s lives through her services at Sapphirestar Codes. Writing this first book of The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles is just one of the many ways through which she shares new-age spirituality with others.

Once you’ve read the first book in the series, you can follow up on the release of the next book via social media. Simply follow Nelle on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with her progress on the next story. You can also sign up on her website to learn how to harness healing energy.

What Ancient Paths has to offer readers

A good fantasy novel can spark imagination and inspire hope, but Ancient Paths is so much more than a fantasy novel. In this book, Nelle Mack has woven together a captivating tale that features magical creatures, ancient folklore, and an inspiring coming-of-age story. Here’s what readers will get out of this book.

Teaches people to believe in the power of determination

This book tells the story of a young, daring hero who defies all odds to fulfill his destiny of traveling across Ireland to bring the fairies back to our dimension. 

During his journey, Faelan meets a crew of interesting characters and learns valuable lessons to help him along. He also overcomes unforeseen obstacles. Faelan’s story is inspiring because of his sheer determination to accomplish his goal.

As the characters in this story battle adversity, readers will discover how strength of character, unyielding spirit, and unwavering faith can overcome any challenge.

Reduces the fear of the unknown

Ancient Paths is packed with all kinds of magical creatures. These include gods, goddesses, plants, and animals, not to mention the fairies who Faelan is supposed to bring back. 

Since this book introduces readers to the third dimension and the world of magic, it helps them be less apprehensive about the unknown in real life. Rather than be afraid of the unknown, readers learn to embrace it and look for possibilities in it. This story also helps readers to be more open-minded toward those who are different.

Teaches the value of community

While Ancient Paths centers around Faelan’s destiny to bring the fairies back to our dimension, he doesn’t do this single-handedly. On the contrary, he relies on other characters to teach him the magic and skills that he needs to accomplish his goal. 

This is a story that not only reminds us about the magic around us but also reminds us about the magic that is in other people. More specifically, this story demonstrates the amazing feats we can achieve when we come together in pursuit of a common goal. This is a valuable lesson for readers of all ages to learn.

Ancient Paths is only the first book in The Tuatha de Danaan Chronicles that is written to introduce the magical realm to readers all over the world. What’s more, it does this while giving readers an opportunity to explore the sacred sites and hidden treasures of Ireland. Readers who are looking for an inspiring story or simply want a memorable escape from their everyday life will find that this book is well worth their time.

Once you’ve read the first book in the series, you can follow up on the release of the next book by following the author on social media. Simply follow the author on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with her progress on the next story. 

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