Neithedu Startup is the Future of e-Learning: Know Why

Technology is taking over education in the 21st century, whether it’s skill-building programs in colleges, real-world technical training, or learning abstract concepts in schools.
We all are seeing that educational learning is pivoting from conventional means to experiential methods where new-age technology is being adopted.

Mr. Namit Kapoor is one of those people who want to contribute to the e-Learning ecosystem and strengthen the education sector with his e-Learning startup, Neithedu.

He has vast and rich experience where he has worked in four continents and ten plus countries (including the UK, China, India, and Dubai), combining teaching in schools and private tutoring. He knows what problems students face and how they can be resolved in an easy manner.

Mr. Namit says, “Learning today means much more than just remembering the facts. This is why Neithedu is born, a game-based learning platform that uses interactive games at various levels to assist students in better understanding the curriculum and disciplines. It is an innovative, scientifically researched hybrid LMS for educators, students, and parents that will set the foundation for more real-life and practical learning, and assessments.”

Our platform helps students improve their desire to learn, and gamification helps implement it in a spectacular manner.

“Our main goal is to make learning fun and to give students a personalized experience that will help them sharpen their minds and develop abilities that will benefit them in their academic careers.” We have a number of games that will help students examine concepts in a distraction-free environment, Mr. Namit added.

We also have a tutors section that will provide guidance to students, check their progress, and solve problems in real-time. As our whole platform is divided into levels i.e. from beginner to advanced, tutors will be there to see the progress of students and help them at every stage whenever needed. From Neithedu, students can learn the core fundamentals of arithmetic, language development, life skills, and much more. As games make learning fun and have a significant impact, they will enhance the whole experience compared to normal methods.

We believe in Neithedu’s vision, the model, the product, and most importantly, in the executing team to make Neithedu a flagship name for the e-Learning platform in the times to come. We are excited to see the value Neithedu will bring to the education sector and how it will make students ready for the future.

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