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Need for Weighting Materials in Petroleum Sector to Support Barite Market Development


Drilling mud applications are projected to hold substantial revenues amid all applications, in the worldwide barite market. Unexploited prospects in the medical sector are additionally generating incremental prospects for makers. Barite will experience sturdy demand expansion in paints & plastics sectors, as it is extensively employed to direct the viscosity and put in brightness to end products. The worldwide market will surpass the US$ 2 Billion mark towards 2030 end. Growth of the automotive sector is making revenue streams for makers because of the expanding need for clutches and brake pads for cars, as suggested by the latest Future Market Insights (FMI) report.

Foremost companies in the market are poised to witness disruptions in supply chains due to present developments concerning coronavirus crisis. Makers are quickening efforts to join the battle against COVID-19 outbreak by taking a step up to donate barite cement for the hospital radiotherapy bunker construction where coronavirus treatments are executed.

Key Takeaways of Barite Market Research

  • Novel approaches in the finding of abnormal and normal anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract with the assistance of high-purity barite account for anticipating business potentials.
  • Barite is being broadly utilized as a weighted filler in rubber, textile, and paper production.
  • Makers are concentrating on the construction industry where barite is commixed with cement to make unique containers utilized to store radioactive materials.
  • North America being the frontrunner based on revenue amid all regions has generated prospects for makers to conform with the regulations of the American Petroleum Institute to introduce in weighting agents for the oil & gas sector.

The need for weighting agents in the progressing oil & gas sector is generating a steady business ground for makers. Untapped prospects in the construction sector due to the need for high-density cement is boosting market expansion.

Lucrative prospects in Paints & Coatings

Market players are boosting their manufacturing capabilities to produce paint-grade barite powder. This has deployed beneficial transportation activities and ease in handling. Excellent dispensability, low impurity, and high whiteness are foremost imperatives which are highly favored in paint-grade barite powder. Pigments, coatings, and latex paints amid others are boosting the need for barite powder. Growing usage of powder coatings in households and different interior applications are rendering value-grab prospects for makers.

Fine grinding applications are accelerating the need for barium sulfate, due to its chemical inertness and high density. An overcoming majority of barite is being widely utilized in the petroleum sector as a weighting agent in the preparation of drilling mud. Intrinsically, the drilling mud applications revenue will climb higher growth from US$ 1 Billion during 2019 to US$ 1.4 Billion towards 2030 end. Commercial deposits of barite are mainly discovered in Morocco, India, China, and the U.S.

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Makers Prepare for Volatile Requirement amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Worker employee and safety amid the COVID-19 crisis has become the priority of market players. Hence, makers have implemented telecommunication to sustain remotely via VPN, Skype, and phones amid other communication platforms. Worldwide economic turbulences are projected to influence the barite market. Makers are growing efforts to set up contingency plans to address the vagueness related to lockdown relaxations in the approaching months

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