Necessary Target Strategies for Marketing Solar Energy

Marketing solar energy is a roller coaster ride, as the popularity and politics of clean energies fluctuates. Most marketers have a target strategy in place, but is it the right one for the current solar market? According to CleanTechnica, smart marketers will use one of the following targeted marketing strategies for the upcoming 2014-2015 solar sales year.

1. Education

This target strategy is always a necessity in solar, however, it must be tailored to the current trends in the solar industry. For example, this year, the focus must be on the Obama administration and the government’s general feelings on solar energy. The existing policies and the future legislation will help marketers with sales. For example, the DSIRE website is a gold mine of financial and educational information for customers who aren’t sure whether or not solar will pay. Direct advertising toward education to pull in a deeper ROI.

2. Provide Community Resources

The flyer and handout in marketing is making a comeback. While emails and electronic advertising was once king, people are again looking for something in their hand. Never send a sales representative into the field without a few marketing supplies. Create brochures, flyers, and yard signs to display in the community. Hand out flyers to neighbors, and begin knocking on doors again. While some communities will discourage this behavior, others are ready to once again accept the door-to-door sales call.

3. Get Updated

While this strategy is a no-brainer, changes in the solar industry can leave marketers behind. It’s shocking to learn how many marketers simply don’t have all the answers to the questions customers might ask. Be ready to have all the expert answers possible, and to be able to compensate for the more difficult questions. Consistently read updates before talking to customers or designing ad copy. The year 2014 has, and will, see political change in the solar industry. Keep on top of them.

4. Network Outside Facebook

Facebook is still popular, but studies are beginning to show that it is losing its edge. Great marketers still use Facebook, but they are also using the old-fashioned word of mouth as well. A solar panel isn’t easy to hide; make sure customers have the correct information to give to others when discussing their recent energy switch. Arm existing customers with tools, such as an online solar calculator, where they can visually show off their savings to other interested potential customers. Give networking a little push to create a snowball of new customers.

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