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Necessary Documents for Conveyance Deed

Conveyance is an act that includes the transfer of the property’s ownership and title from one person to another. It is important in conveyance to have proper written and signed documents from the person who wants to transfer the property. Why is the paperwork necessary? Well, as the paperwork gives written proof of the transfer, it is necessary and required by the government to ensure ownership. 

The legal written agreements that are used in conveyance will contain the titles, transfer documents, and contracts or leases. All these mentioned things contain salient information such as the transfer date, the agreed buying price, and also the commitment of both parties. There are multiple documents that are required in Melbourne conveyancing or in other cities, some are mentioned below.

Sales Agreement

The sales agreement is a key legal document in conveyance as it plays an important role in purchasing and buying contracts. When the process of signing this document is done, the ownership of the property is transferred and changed. 

There are multiple things that include this agreement such as the date of the settlement, the address of the property, etc. Moreover, this contract also contains the names of everyone involved in the procedure mainly the purchaser, seller, conveyancer, and also real estate agents.

Land Title Certificate

At the time of selling the property, the seller must have the land title certificate. This certificate proves that the seller is the real owner of the property. The buyer has the right to review the land title certificate, hence, it is important for the conveyance deed.

Statement of the Vendor

The statement of the vendor will contain every piece of information that may affect the considered property. The seller must show this document to the customer even if it affects the decision of the buyer. The vendor’s statement is considered an obligation for the seller and the right of buyer.

Settlement Statement

This document is created after the signing of the sale contract. Settle statement is a legal document that includes estimated prices, taxes, government fees, purchasing rate, date, deposit amount, etc. The statement ensures that every important piece of information is present in the paperwork to avoid any future problems.

Verification of Identity

The buyer must verify their identity in order to prevent any fraud. The verification of identity is done using a legal document. Plus, it is also suggested that the buyer fill out this form while a verification of identity (VOI) agent is present.


When you are thinking of buying or selling a property, you are going to need a conveyancer. It is a must thing as a conveyancer will sort out a number of problems that you may face while transferring a property title. 

Before you buy or sell a property, make sure you understand the legal terms and documentation. Other than many things that you should consider, you must not forget that there are various legal documents that you should have. 

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