Near Protocol and PEPE Lead Market Gains, but Leading Experts Predict DTX Exchange Will Be Next

The crypto market rollercoaster never fails to thrill, and current market leaders, PEPE and NEAR Protocol, were the latest to thrill their communities with price highs.

With so many changes sweeping the market and investors on the lookout for profitable opportunities, leading experts have named DTX, a new hybrid exchange, as the next token to lead market gains.

PEPE Price Surges

PEPE is holding strong through turbulent times. The coin surged by an impressive 6% after reaching an all-time low just twenty-four hours ago.

PEPE is one of the highest-ranked memecoins on the market at present, but just like any of its counterparts, it thrives off the enthusiasm of its community. The influx of investors looking to capitalize on the predicted potential of the memecoin contributes to its popularity. Surging up to 26% in early March and the more recent 7.5%, the coin remains in the lead as one of the most profitable tokens on the market.

However, due to the inherent unpredictability of memecoins, it’s rather difficult to pinpoint why the coin is experiencing a surge, especially at a time when the market is witnessing a general downtrend. If the coin continues to perform well despite the general state of the market, then PEPE will surely earn itself more investors and enthusiastic traders.

What’s New with NEAR?

Recently, NEAR has been one of the top-performing coins, with its price surging a notable 7%. The coin is currently valued at $5.47 per unit. The token has recently witnessed a downtrend, falling victim to the volatile nature of the market. However, the surge is a positive bump from the low $4 mark the coin was in the previous week.

The surge in NEAR Protocol’s price could be influenced by swaying public sentiment around the project following the decentralized AI and Web3 focus at the Token2049 conference in Dubai.

The token shows strong signs of bouncing back, and if the project takes advantage of its newly gained traction and maintains its market performance, it could be recording a new ATH in a few months.

Why Is DTX Next In Line?

The DTX Exchange platform is creating a unique platform that meets the trading needs of blockchain investors. The platform provides access to over 120K trading assets, allowing users to trade everything from crypto to stocks on their platform with no added cost and at impressive transaction speeds.

The platform allows traders to use the 1000x leverage on select assets along with a wide range of trading instruments and advanced analytic tools to aid their trading experience. In a deserving show of support, the platform has raised over $250K in its ongoing seed round, and it continues to make notable progress with over 60% of its total token supply sold.

The first stage of the presale doesn’t seem too far from rounding up, and the second stage is set to place the token at a higher value of $0.075. At present, DTX is priced at $0.02, and with the project’s encouraging progress and notable potential, it’s no surprise that investors are being drawn to it.

The continued growth and steady influx of users and investors make DTX Exchange a strong contender to lead the market ahead of its official launch.

Closing Remarks

Whether traders align with the hope of the PEPE and NEAR Protocol communities or plan to take a fresh route and participate in the DTX presale, they should compare the risks and rewards before making a decision.

Traders can purchase PEPE and NEAR on popular exchange platforms such as Coinbase or ByBit. DTX is listed exclusively on the official presale page.

You can find more information about DTX Exchange on their Telegram channel.

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