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Neal Smead highlights 5 ways to grow sales at FedEx

Neal Smead highlights 5 ways to grow sales at FedEx

Neal Smead advises that working at FedEx in a sales or customer service capacity presents workers with many ways to grow at the company. By staying focused on meeting customer objectives and increasing sales, it’s possible to reach new positions and head a store independently or move to a more regional or corporate role.

Initially, knowing how to increase sales can be hard when it feels like customers are already established and super familiar with their needs. Still, Smead advises there are always opportunities to move forward and grab new revenue.

Neal Smead‘s tips to increase sales

Know the products

While it may seem that many customers, particularly high-volume customers, are familiar with FedEx offerings and their personal needs, there are frequently opportunities to share something new. Start learning the full assortment of FedEx offerings and solutions from day one. Opportunities will arise to use this information to help new customers find what they need or direct an existing customer to a new service line.

Focus on repeat business

Grabbing repeat business can often be as simple as providing exceptional service at first interaction. However, it’s great to go the extra mile and try to secure a repeat visit. If a new business appears in the FedEx center for the first time, consider sharing the ways FedEx can help on a repeat basis. If they use printing services, ask if they regularly print the materials or need them updated periodically. Suggest a related offering that may be useful, and let them know how returning to FedEx will make the next printing visit easier and more economical. The same holds true for packaging services and shipping needs.

Maximize opportunities for repeat customers

When dealing with repeat customers, stay laser-focused on their needs and look for opportunities to offer suggestions. Many businesses start with FedEx for a particular reason, but they would benefit from a range of services, Neal Smead advises. Share this information with them when discussing a current project or separately. For example, a business ordering brochures for a new product line may not have considered the possibility of additional in-store or external signage. Offering the option shows interest in their bottom line and starts a conversation regarding additional needs.

Stay ahead with information

When FedEx announces new product offerings, ways to bundle services, or discounts, make sure your customers know the new services so they can start to benefit immediately. Don’t assume they know or would inquire if interested.

Keep a pulse on the community

Neal Smead advises that staying in touch with a local community or region is a great way to identify opportunities. An administrative change in a public office, a new business opening, or expanding an existing business are all potential opportunities. By being in the know, these are easier to grab and provide the basis of chit-chat with existing customers who enjoy knowing the people they do business with are invested in the community.

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