Navigating the Web3 Landscape in 2024: The Rise of the Indexing Platforms

Navigating the Web3 Landscape in 2024: The Rise of the Indexing Platforms

The complexities of Web3 and blockchain technologies have presented both opportunities and challenges. To address these challenges, innovative platforms are emerging, with Subsquid leading the way in streamlining the user experience and access to data within the intricate realm of Web3.

Advanced Indexing Algorithms: Unlocking the Power of Organisation

The proliferation of dApps and other on-chain technologies, has made an operational infrastructure layer a necessity for those looking to access and manipulate data on the blockchain.

With 2024 set to be a bumper year for “builders”, we are witnessing a “hockey-stick moment” as indexing tools rapidly become a fundamental part of the web3 ecosystem, allowing developers to search, find, publish and use the public data they need to build decentralised applications.

The Graph is the best known in the sector (once referred to as the Google of web3), while firms such as Goldsky, and Alchemy have gained prominence – showing the appetite for such services.

The acquisition of Satsuma, a subgraph hosting service, by Alchemy hit the news last September – tripling performance for their users but at the expense of decentralisation – while other methods of blockchain solutions, promoted by the likes of NXYZ, again rely on centralisation… raising the question for 2024 builders, what’s the point of building Web3 on centralised foundations?

And into this crowd of centralised data solutions, steps Subquid, offering the only truly decentralised and modular indexing solution in web3 – with an even higher level of performance (10x+).

Subsquid: A Game-Changer in Web3 Exploration

Subsquid distinguishes itself from competitors through its exceptional speed, cost-effectiveness and unmatched flexibility.

Subsquid operates at speeds 100-1000 times faster than The Graph. Data requests that traditionally took weeks to sync now happen within hours, empowering developers to access real-time information and significantly speeding up development cycles.

The decentralised nature of Subsquid’s infrastructure enables substantial cost savings, with users experiencing a 90-95% reduction in expenses compared to traditional data costs. This cost efficiency opens up new possibilities for developers and businesses to harness blockchain data without the financial burden.

Subsquid’s modular setup allows developers to seamlessly integrate it with various tools, even those rooted in Web2. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of development environments, making it a versatile solution for blockchain indexing, dApp development, and analytics.

Cross-Protocol Navigation: Navigating the Web3 Ecosystem with Comprehensive Insights

Web3 is a diverse ecosystem with various blockchain networks, each offering unique features and capabilities. 

Subsquid recognises the importance of cross-protocol navigation by supporting multiple blockchain networks. 

This approach ensures users gain comprehensive insights into the entirety of the Web3 landscape. With Subsquid, users can explore different protocols without the need to switch between platforms, fostering a more cohesive and efficient exploration of the decentralised world.

About Subsquid

Subsquid is a decentralised data lake and query engine designed to provide developers with permissionless access to on-chain data. Secured by ZK proofs, Subsquid boasts a modular architecture that enhances scalability and developer-friendliness. As the Web3 landscape continues to evolve, Subsquid remains at the forefront, empowering developers and users alike to navigate the decentralised future with ease.

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