Navigating the Self-Publishing World: A Guide for New Authors

In the world of technology, it is increasingly common for authors to publish their work online. Sales of self-publishing rose 274% in the last four years to 299 million copies annually on average, generating $1.24 billion in revenue, according to Forbes. Navigating the world of self-publishing is easy for neophytes, but some of the authors who have succeeded in doing that, are so willing to provide the appropriate information with the help of Zen book writing. 

If you have written a book, and it is your first time considering publishing a book. By developing a basic understanding of publishing, you think you have a better chance of being a successful writer. Or, if you’re about to print your book and send it to the publisher, don’t jump the gun and stop right there.

Three phases of self-publishing.

Before going to publish a book, let’s have a look at three phases from where a self-publishing book becomes part of the author.

Phase 1; this phase started in 1990 when e-books began to be sold online. During this time, desktop publishing and printing were directed.

Phase 2; this phase started in 2007 when Amazon launched the Kindle reader and Apple release iPhone, these two electronic devices have changed the perception of reading books.

Phase 3; the industry is headed towards this third wave, which is characterized by direct sales from author to reader. 

Editing before publishing

Novices invariably make mistakes when they try to self-publish before editing. Editing is also a wide field, in which editors share ideas which are not present in the book and reframe all errors. So, editing a book is a most crucial part of a book. It’s time to share with you three ways to get edited your book. 

  • Freelancers/ job websites- Go for these sites to hire an editor to reframe your book’s ordinary parts into extraordinary ones. If you are searching to hire an editor, then look no further, because book editing services online will help you to give an outstanding look to your book.
  • Writing groups/ platforms: there are uncountable writing groups available on social platforms, in every group, there are several writers available to grease the wheels.
  • Google: the platform where you get everything is also helping you to hire exceptional writers. 

We have conducted interviews with the most successful writers. As a result, we got to know the importance of editing. 

Design the cover.

Creativity is simply in connecting new dots in new ways, so find your connection to make your cover eye-catching.  We often heard people saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but in the real world, people do judge a book by its cover. So, adding creativity to your book is the most crucial thing to appeal to the reader. 

  • The cover is the first thing, which humans decide to buy or not.
  • Authors can use Book Covers to Convey the Tone and Genre of a Book.
  • Good design can address the actual content within the cover.

These are the three reasons why book designing is important when you decide to publish your book. This is that part of your book, which can decide the success and failure of your book.

Get feedback from people.

Getting feedback from people will help you to re-edit your creativity with the help of feedback. Either way, if you hire you’re an editor, ask them for a review, throughout the editing has gone through several revision rounds. For feedback must be the best option to get a review from an editor.

Along with that, distribute your written book to your friends and family and get feedback. Or else, make a Google form to share with a book to the author and make them fill that form and give an appropriate review and ask them for a solution if it needs any changing.

Write a description for your book.

It is the major factor for self-publishing a book. It is as important as your book cover, it includes a hook to lead sales. The book conveys enough information to the reader.  

As soon as readers browse the Kindle store, they can view a description of your book. Imagining it as the inside flap of a hardback book will help. The summary is the reader’s first introduction to the material of your book. Readers are reassured that the book itself will be of similar quality by a well-written description. 

Since you are offering an eBook, consumers cannot browse your book before making a purchase. On Amazon, they can read the introduction under Look Inside or download a sample to their Kindle. This indicates that the opening portion of your pack is crucial for bringing the sale. 


The time has come, if you haven’t already, to decide how you want to tell your story to the world. There are several self-publishing businesses to select from, but Zenbook writing offers many features that are exclusive to it.  Independent publishers and authors can produce professional print books (hardcover and paperback) and e-books with zainbookwriting.com. You may self-publish a book and make it available to 50,000+ libraries and retailers through our global distribution network, both in-store and online. 24/7 client assistance Internet sales statistics free resources and tools for publishing   Opportunities for inexpensive advertising discounts for publishing services from outside consultants. You can print only a limited number of copies for some self-publishers who don’t want their book available for distribution. 


Hurrah! Your book is now in existence. Launching and promoting it is now necessary. We’ll merely cover the main strategies because you may already have selected how to spread the word and promote it to meet your marketing objectives.

  • To promote your new e-book, make a landing page for your website. Never overlook including a call to action (CTA) or a link to your landing page on a resource page or even the homepage.


  • If you have a blog, you should use it to promote your book. If you already know how to set up a blog, you can convert a PDF file into a book and post an excerpt from it or create a brand-new blog post about a subject related to your book if you already know how. Then, towards the conclusion of your article, you can include a link to the book to encourage visitors to keep reading.


  • To distribute the booklet to your current clients, provide a link to it in your emails or newsletters.


  • Utilize sponsored promotion and joint marketing initiatives to spread the word about your book to a wider audience.


  • Post a link to your book in your posts and announce the launch of your book on social media.


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