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Navigating the Modern Business Landscape: OPAD Consulting’s Winning Formula

Thriving companies need more than just substantial financial resources – they must have a winning strategy that sets them apart from the competition.

A recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Company shows that 90% of executives acknowledge that agility is crucial for business success. However, only 10% of them believe in their companies’ ability to thrive.

Harold Goldstein and Lilo Alfaro of OPAD Consulting are changing these stats. Harold founded the company in 1981 to offer personalized business strategies to businesses. As it transformed over time, Lilo became a crucial member of the company, leading it as a COO, Sr. Consultant, and contributing to commendable outputs and achievements. 

Their dominance in the business consulting industry lies in their refusal of the one-size-fits-all approach. 

A Commitment to Unique, Client-Centric Solutions

In business consulting, many companies give general counsel, some, like OPAD Consulting, stress the value of a customized strategy.

When a new client reaches out to OPAD Consulting, they start a thorough, personalized process to understand the client’s unique needs, goals, and challenges. First, by assessing current HR processes and identifying areas for improvement. Then, the best course of action is decided upon. 

Harold notes, “No strategy can be effective unless founded on a profound comprehension of the client’s history, culture, and aspirations.” This approach helps create solutions that align with the core values of the client. 

Adaptability Across Diverse Industries

Adaptability is crucial when addressing the needs of different industries. OPAD Consulting has showcased a capacity to adjust strategies according to industry-specific requirements. Harold’s experience in HR roles at companies like Levi Strauss and Johnson & Johnson has equipped him with insights into multiple sectors. Similarly, Lilo has an extensive background in creative project management which aids in crafting strategies that are relevant to the industry and pragmatic in approach.

As Lilo shares, “Understanding a clients’ ultimate goals and desired outcomes allows us to translate a distant ideal into real, actionable, measurable plans.” This highlights their commitment to ensuring that every plan is specific to a business’ vision, values, and mission. 

Triumphs with Customized Solutions

OPAD Consulting’s flexible approach is a game-changer, helping organizations transform. 

Mark Borowicz, CEO of Pure Wafer, remarked, “OPAD helped us to quickly and effectively assimilate a new acquisition into the culture using our own mission and core values. They also realized the new values that the acquisition brought to the whole company and helped us incorporate those into our overall mission.”

Similarly, Ziv Rozenblum, CEO of Ekotrope, shared his experience, stating, “I have been working with Harold and the OPAD team for about three years now. I started working with OPAD when I faced severe organization challenges, and they played a pivotal role in navigating me and the company through these challenges.”

These testimonials highlight OPAD Consulting’s approach as they bring on their a-game for every client. 

A Final Word

Adaptability and precision distinguish leaders in the ever-changing field of business consulting. Harold Goldstein and Lilo Alfaro at OPAD Consulting exemplify this, consistently demonstrating their capability to align strategies with client aspirations. With years of experience and a deep understanding of nuanced business challenges, OPAD Consulting brings a refreshing and unique approach to the consulting world.

For a deeper insight into their methodologies and case studies, the OPAD Consulting website serves as an informative resource.

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