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Do you wish to keep track of any Instagram user without having your own Instagram account? Or aren’t you eager to view your competitor, colleagues, and other user’s activities, without leaving any evidence of viewing? Most of us do wish to visit profiles and Instagram stories of others without being noticed. Some of us like to follow their favorite celebrities on Instagram, but do not want to get into hassle of account creation or authorization.

Many of us had a wish of having invisibility cloaks just like Harry Potter, so that you can view everything you like and still so unnoticed. Your dream comes true, as we bring magical Instagram story viewer InstaNavigation into your attention. You can go to see your loved ones, competitors, relatives and colleagues without being identified and letting them know. So that you miss no important update or news, and secretly stay in touch.

InstaNavigation is phenomenal, one of its type navigation tool that enables its users to navigate and keep track of someone’s Instagram life experiences without leaving any trace of visit. No one can see you viewing stories and posts. You can download and enjoy posts from your favorite users anonymously without Instagram account.


We provide you help in spying and having a peep of any instagram story along with easy simple download option, so that you do not miss any important update from your targeted user.

Free of cost- service is 100% free, no payments, no credit card details, no cash needed. This makes us unique!

Guaranteed anonymity- rest assured, your identity won’t be revealed. You can have a look at stories, posts, likes and comments, IGTVs and videos without ever getting into attention of user.

Easy download- we provide you with the option of saving your favorite stories into your laptop or phone gallery in the same high quality for long run use. But, we recommend you to use story downloading for educational use only.

No account registrations required- for viewing any instagram story, posts, like or comments, you do not need to register into any system, downloading unnecessary files, or installing any app.


  • We proudly help you have a deep look into your target Instagram user’s daily life experiences through their stories, and posts, within invisibility cloak, without no one knowing who peeked in.
  • Story viewing is absolutely anonymous, and your credentials are safe and sound with us and we ensure your confidentiality.
  • We provide free of cost service to everyone for everything. We don’t want you to charge for unnecessary things when it’s available for free.
  • We make you download stories that are in high quality, same as the Instagram user uploaded with.
  • We prevent you from headaches and tensions due to unrequired registrations, heavy downloads, or installing useless files and apps, account creation and authorization. You can go problem free.
  • No need to create Instagram account. You can have a world tour at Instagram still without having any user account. No account registration needed, no account authorizations, no heavy downloading, and no installing of apps of files.


You can get access to stories through simple easy to follow steps. All you need is any device; mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, laptop & a stable internet connection, leave rest to us. Enter the specified user name you want to navigate, and system gets you what you need without any account registration, authorizations or payments. This is how simple the plan of action is, and enables you ease of joining from any part of the planet at any time 24 hours for unlimited time.


We don’t make our users wait and get into useless registration processes or account creation. Our interface is user friendly, self guiding and simple to use. Once you enter details of your requested account, you have a full view to the current happenings of the user. You can have unlimited access to the accounts by simple procedure without authorization, or payments. Most of our competitors don’t offer such tension free process. Point to be noted, InstaNavigation is not associated with Instagram.


For you, InstaNavigation is bringing much more. Soon, you will be able to view blocked accounts too. That’s unbelievable, isn’t?

Also, you will able to download stories, posts, IGTV, videos. We will be aiding you in viewing closed or even blocked accounts soon. Feature of viewing stories from private accounts is also under construction by our team. Many more interesting features are in process of completion.

Everything unbelievable is under our working and we need you to believe and trust us.


We need your support to hasten our developing process and to witness our success journey. Get along with us, open our site and peek into Instagram stories, posts, videos, IGTVs and everything you wish for. Join from today, and be a part of our success journey.

Don’t wait and have unlimited look into your targeted account by instagram viewer.

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