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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that such deployments should be made by individual countries, taking into consideration rules about final users

Germany stated Friday that it was discussing with its allies the request of Poland for German Patriot air defense units to be sent to Ukraine. This came after NATO’s chief suggested that such an action might not be opposed by the military alliance.

A spokesperson for the German government told reporters in Berlin that they were talking to their allies about how to deal with Poland’s suggestion.

Berlin offered Warsaw its Patriot system to secure its airspace following the death of two Polish citizens last week when a stray missile hit Poland. Later, Mariusz Blaszczak, the Polish Defence Minister, asked Germany to send fire units to Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that such deployments should be made by individual countries, taking into consideration rules about final users.

He stated to reporters in Brussels that “the specific decisions on particular systems are national decisions.”

“Sometimes end users agreements are made and they should consult other allies. He said that the final decision (the one) must be made by the national governments.

Stoltenberg’s remarks came after Christine Lambrecht, German Defence Minister, stated that Germany had decided where the Patriot air defense units should be stationed. On Friday, the Polish president stated that Germany has the final say and said it was better for Poland’s security to have them on Ukrainian territory close to the border.

According to Andrzej Duda, a Lithuanian journalist, “From a military perspective, it would be better if they were located within Ukraine to also protect Polish territory. This would allow them to protect both Ukraine’s and Poland’s most effectively.” “But the German side has the final say.”

Duda later stated that Germany could send Patriot units to Ukraine with no NATO troops, which is something Kyiv had been asking for for some time.

Duda tweeted, “But if it is not consent to this,”

Blaszczak, who was speaking on the sidelines NATO drills in northeastern Poland took aim at Berlin and said he was shocked by the notion that the German Patriots might not be too advanced for transfer to Ukraine.

He said, “These are the older patriots. The Polish version of the Polish Patriots is the newest. The claim that the German Patriots are very advanced does not hold water.”

German newspaper Bild reported that the ministry was working on a draft law to allow migrants to apply for German citizenship in five years rather than eight. If foreigners are able to go through “special integration steps“, it may be possible to apply to Germany for a passport after three years.

These are some of the measures that could be suggested to relax citizenship rules.

German citizenship will become available to eligible citizens after five years or three in the case of “special integration achievements” instead of eight or six years as it is now.

German-born children will automatically be citizens if their parents have been legal residents for at least five years.

The government wants to remove restrictions on dual citizenship. While most citizens from countries other that the European Union and Switzerland must give up their former nationality to obtain German citizenship, there are exceptions.

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